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An Archival Article a Week

Link to Old Stories

Indian Navy Reaches Out to Russia for P-75I (July 2017)
RFP for the submarine likely to come out by early 2018

Hi-Tech Show (May 2017)
Eurosatory 2018 promises to showcase latest technological innovations

Waiting for P-75I (October 2016)
Rubin Design Bureau is confident about its Amur 1650 offer

Indo-Russia Procurement Updates (September 2016)

Letter from the Editor (April 2016)

Undersea Web (February 2016)
A slew of projects to enhance India’s maritime security are taking shape

Military Diplomacy (November 2015)
6th Xiangshan Forum showcased China’s international clout

Secure and Afloat (June 2015)
BSF to get six floating BOPs for the Bangladesh border and three for Gujarat

Focussed on Future (November 2014)
BrahMos’ new CEO is gung-ho about the BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile

Young Blood (April 2014)
Kashmiri youth need leaders who inspire

Winning Streak (March 2014)
Israel put up another strong display of offerings across defence and homeland security applications at DefExpo 2014

Shaping the Future (November 2013)
The ship-shaped Suraksha Bhawan houses the various institutes that provide a holistic training to BSF personnel to meet the challenges faced by India

Rise of Macedon (July 2013)
Arms and the Man

The Real Picture (June 2013)
The highs and lows of what the defence budget hides and what it reveals

Training For the Future (May 2013)
CRPF Academy in Gurgaon imparts some important warfare skills

Around the World Alone (May 2013)
Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy is the first Indian to circumnavigate the world solo

Pressure on the Ground (August 2012)
Arjun Mk-2 offers enhanced firepower, but it’s too heavy to go where the Army wants it

Osama Bin Laden and Beyond (September 2011)
With Afghanistan in his pocket, Kayani agreed to bin Laden’s dramatic killing

‘I will have all the needed systems for BMD phase I by 2013’ (March 2010)
Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister and Director General, DRDO, Padmashri Dr V.K. Saraswat

Father Figure (October 2006)
Marshal of the Air, Arjan Singh, DFC

Charlie Browne
Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne PVSM, AVSM, VM, ADC

Flights of Fancy
The rigidity of SQRs should be relaxed so as to facilitate fast procurements and development of weapon systems

Ship-Shape Submarines
Russia is ready for Project 75(I) competition

Chief Charms Bangalore
LCA Tejas to achieve Final Operational Clearance (FOC) after another two years

Future Fighter
US Navy looks for a 6th Gen replacement for its carrier borne fighter fleet by 2030

Bertin’s Optronic Equipment Chosen by French Ministry of Defence (July 2017)


Into the Future (February 2004)
In keeping with our wanderlust, in January 2004, FORCE team visited the BSF Academy at Tekanpur to get a first-hand account of India’s leading border guarding force. The visit was the curtain raiser to the larger article on India’s paramilitary forces. Since then, FORCE has paid as much attention to internal security, as it did to external defence. Read on

The Maroon Beret (January 2004)
Keeping up with posting one archival article a week, here is a nugget from January 2004, when FORCE visited Indian Army’s training school for Special Forces in Nahan. The first-ever comprehensive feature that covered the training as well as the transition of the Para battalions into Special Forces. 15 years later, the issues that FORCE raised then remain. Read on

The War Zone (December 2003)
Following up on the inaugural cover story of FORCE, here is another treasure from our archives. In November 2003, FORCE team spent a week in the Jammu division of Kashmir. Starting with the Rashtriya Rifles’ Delta force headquarters in the Doda sector of Jammu division to get first-hand experience of Indian Army’s counter-insurgency operations, the December 2003 cover story included interviews with chief minister J&K Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, chief secretary Sudhir Bloeria, Northern Army Commander Lt Gen. Hari Prasad, Director General, BSF Ajai Raj Sharma, Inspector General, BSF, Jammu division, Dilip Trivedi, Inspector General CRPF, Jammu Division, C. Balasubramaniam and countless unnamed officers from across the uniform. Field reporting at its best. Read on

The Line of (no) Control (August 2003)
The mountains straddling the Line of Control are beautiful and inviting, but the invitation is steeped in deception. Lieutenant Mehta (not his real name, of course), has been, in his own words, doing the ‘parikrama’ of these challenging ranges for the last one month and he is still learning which peaks are friends and which are foes. You can’t blame this on his ineptitude, because, the LoC defies logic.


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