In this Issue – December 2021

Letter from the Editor


Indian Navy balances its force levels with air, sea and undersea capabilities

The Sea Got Darker
Anti-submarine warfare technologies and Transparent Oceans

Committed to India
Sea Ceptor would provide Indian Navy ships with complete protection against all known and projected air targets

Navy Acquires Teeth
Navy is revamping its naval aviation capability with new aircraft, helicopters and unmanned systems

All At Sea
Despite their criticality, amphibious operations remain a challenge for the Indian military

Win Some, Lose Some
Building on its maritime legacy, India reshapes ties with the Middle East

Fighting Fleet
The Indian Navy’s modernisation plans are hampered by inadequate funds


We Do Believe That the Navy Has Requirement for More P-8Is and We Stand Ready to Support Them
Managing Director, Boeing Defence India, Surendra Ahuja


Mercantile Cooperation
How investing in Ukraine helped China leapfrog many generations of weapons technology

Himalayan Thaw
The recent visit of Nepal’s army chief to India is likely to ease the bitterness between the two nations

Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front
Director General Border Security Force holds his first press conference


Courage and Dignity
How prisoner of war Maj. Hamir Singh managed to hold his own in a Pakistani prison. An Extract

A Doctrine of Diminishing Returns
How the Modi government compromised India’s national security. An extract


A Surveillance State
Dr N.C. Asthana

Guts, Grit and Glory | Women Are Here
Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta (retd)

On the Wings of Prayer
Gowhar Geelani




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