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4 Reasons Why You Should Advertise in FORCE


FORCE is not a mere magazine; it is a credible resource-base with authoritative editorial. Our readers reference FORCE for research work, promotional examinations and formulations of SQRs. This is the reason all monthly issues of FORCE are bound together in an attractive leather ensemble as an annual volume at the end of each year and is made available for sale. This is the reason an advertisement in FORCE has a shelf-life of years and not merely a month. Every time someone refers to an old edition of FORCE, he sees the advertisement.



FORCE is the first Indian magazine to integrate all aspects of national security and civil aerospace into one collective whole. Hence, your advertisement reaches a broad segment of decision-makers across services and domains. Moreover, FORCE gives value for money by offering combination advertising across print and online platforms. Its substantive presence on social media gives immediacy to its content, including your product profile.




Today, as external defence demands greater synergy between air, land and sea (the military forces), the homeland security requires better cooperation between the military, paramilitary and other civil agencies. The government of India is increasingly integrating and collectivising procurements, for better operational and financial efficiency. FORCE is one medium that ‘speaks to’ and ‘speaks of’ both these prongs. If you want to reach the audience in India in domains like defence, security or civil aerospace, FORCE is your one stop-shop



A measure of FORCE’s reach can be gauged by the fact that when one of India’s biggest jewellery brand wanted to target the Indian armed forces on the India’s Independence Day, it used FORCE as the vehicle. It understood that to convince the last person in uniform about its brand value, there could be no better vehicle than FORCE.


With C3R, FORCE is your most effective bet to reach the right audience. Those who influence; and those who decide

For readership profile of FORCE see the following pie-charts.














Who Reads FORCE

FORCE has managed to grab the right eyeballs within the government of India, and the top leadership of the services. Today, FORCE has the largest subscription base from within the three armed (Indian Army, IAF and Navy) and the Paramilitary (CRPF, BSF, ITBP and SSB) forces in India. FORCE is also read keenly in the industry, by the policy-makers, the strategic community and the general readers.
FORCE’s monthly circulation figure stands at 20,000, of which 7,725 are our subscribers. However, these figures underplay the readership of FORCE, because each unit subscription (subscription by a military unit) means a readership of at least four officers if not more.

In addition to this, FORCE, distributed by the Central News Agency (India’s leading newspaper and magazine distributors), is available on stands in important stores in several Indian cities: This information is also listed on the FORCE masthead.

The tentative readership breakdown of 20,000 (as we cannot be very sure about who is picking it up from the stands) is as follows:

Policy-makers: 2,000 copies
Ministry of Defence, including the three defence services: 6,000 copies
Indian Private Industry and Public Sector Undertakings: 1,000 copies
Indian Paramilitary forces: 1,000 copies
Foreign Missions in India: 500 copies
Think-Tanks in India and Abroad: 500 copies
Civilians: 8,000 copies

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