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A monthly glossy magazine on national security patterned after the internationally respected Jane Defence Weekly, FORCE, combines in depth reporting with critical analyses, a rarity in Indian defence reportage. FORCE is aimed, not just at the soldier or the scholar, but also the diplomat and the arms merchants. The articles are exhaustive, and some have archival value which portends well for such a magazine.

Hindustan Times



FORCE covers a broad range of issues, from higher defence management to military news and features, paramilitary matters, military aviation, naval affairs, border management, diplomacy, and Pakistani and Indian perspectives. The magazine aims to package news and views like the reputed British publication, Jane’s Defence series.

Deccan Herald



Packaged as a full colour consumer magazine, the FORCE publication demonstrates how foreign policy and security concerns are becoming more mainstream topics of discussion. FORCE’s broad approach to security is an improvement on the alarmist tone often struck in Indian newspapers and magazines. At more than a dollar per issue, FORCE costs roughly half of what Time and Newsweek cost on Indian newsstands.

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