Strategic Issues

Assertive ChinaNovember 2018
At the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, PLA reaches out in strength
By Pravin Sawhney

Dragon’s Air Power over TARNovember 2018
India should be worried about China’s efforts to build three new airports in Tibet
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Sky is the LimitNovember 2018
Technological innovations must be brought in to handle India’s growing air traffic
By Yunus Dar

The Choice is ClearOctober 2018
India’s strategic dilemma in view of geopolitics and transforming statecraft
By Pravin Sawhney

Russia’s Great OutreachSeptember 2018
Between words, pauses and meaningful silences
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

The Room with a ViewSeptember 2018
Food and some thoughts on the future of India-Russia relations
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Looking Back to Look AheadSeptember 2018
Russia is keen to continue its defence industrial cooperation with India
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Hawk Eyes in SpaceSeptember 2018
With the launch of the state-of-the-art GF-11 to be followed by GF-7, China is all set to be the new leader in the satellite domain
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Salute to the SavioursSeptember 2018
The largest ever HADR flood rescue mission was launched in flood-hit Kerala
A FORCE Report

Much Ado About NothingAugust 2018
Four years of rhetoric has rendered India even more insecure in its own backyard
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Impractical IdeaAugust 2018
India is not yet ready for joint theatre commands
By Pravin Sawhney

In the Land of the Bamboo CurtainAugust 2018
China shocks and awes by an enthralling display of prosperity and technology
By Samita Bhatia

Virtual RealityAugust 2018
Cyberspace threats are serious and much more needs to be done to address them
By Lt Gen. Satish Dua

Quietly AggressiveAugust 2018
The Doklam crisis of last year holds the key to peaceful resolution of conflicts
By Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta (retd)

Make it BriefAugust 2018
It’s time to unshackle the defence acquisition regime
By Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Being Tech-SavvyAugust 2018
Cutting edge technology and private players are key to achieving self-sufficiency in defence production
By Lt Gen. Rameshwar Yadav (retd)

Dark End of the TunnelJuly 2018
After several fits and starts, Strategic Partnership model has hit a roadblock
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

White ElephantJuly 2018
Offsets should be made redundant in ‘Buy and Make’ cases
By Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

On the UpswingJune 2018
There has been no dip in defence spending among India’s neighbours
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Bring in Performance MatrixJune 2018
New procurement procedure has muddled the policy further
By Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

The ResetMay 2018
Modi goes to China
By Pravin Sawhney

Old Hopes RepackagedMay 2018
Like its predecessor, draft DPrP-2018 offers nothing new
By Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Focus on the Real IssuesMay 2018
The new defence production policy should focus on technology for it to be effective
By J.P. Dash and T.K. Damodaran

The TNW ConundrumMay 2018
India should take Pakistan’s threat of TNWs with more than a pinch of salt
By Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta (retd)

One Big ThreatMarch 2018
This will come from Pakistan backed by China, and India should know whether it is militarily prepared
By Pravin Sawhney

Forward Edge DefenceMarch 2018
China’s present maritime security initiatives reflect a sea change in strategic priorities
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Force ForwardFebruary 2018
Military power to drive China’s foreign policy
By Pravin Sawhney

Vulnerable FrontiersFebruary 2018
With a road and new defences in the Shaksgam Valley, the PLA further entrenches itself
By Pravin Sawhney

Of Rohingyas, Refugees and RightsFebruary 2018
End 2016, there were 22.5 million refugees across the world, a serious crisis faced by humanity
By Younis Ahmad Kaloo

Offshore ActivitiesFebruary 2018
China is aggressively building on the reefs and shoals in South China Sea
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Trump’s TweetJanuary 2018
It was not aimed at Pakistan but was an indirect message of solidarity with India
By Pravin Sawhney

Myanmar CallingNovember 2017
The government’s ‘Act East’ policy gathers steam
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Hollow PromisesSeptember 2017
Donald Trump’s new strategy for Afghanistan will not solve the problem, only make it worse
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

On the RocksAugust 2017
Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit talks about the importance of talks
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Walk the TalkAugust 2017
A meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan is the way forward to break the present impasse
By Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

Lessons from the PastAugust 2017
China’s BRI and MSR may be well-intentioned projects but India should not forget history
By Cmde Lalit Kapur (retd)

Close to the Clouds – August 2015
ITBP jawans endure harsh weather and modest facilities to guard our borders in the mountains

Top of the World – August 2015
ITBP’s Mountaineering and Skiing Institute in Auli is an important training ground for the forces

Road to Mana – August 2015
Landslides and avalanches are part of life for ITBP forces posted on the border in Uttarakhand


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