In this Issue – September 2021

Letter from the Editor


Truth or Dare
Why nuclear deterrence failed in Ladakh

The Long Shot
With new ICBM silos, China is expanding its strategic deterrence and prestige


The Winds of Afghanistan
While Russia-China are going to be key players in steering its future, Pakistan will be on board

Towards a Cooperative Future
The Taliban’s Afghan takeover might advance multipolar processes

A Rock and A Hard Place
Destroy the ‘Evil Taliban’ if you wish; Moralizing, however, is futile

The Ranjit Singh Way
India needs strategic patience and regular situational awareness to address its Afghan dilemma

The Future Beckons
Once the new government is formed in Afghanistan, India must engage with it

Not Transactional
India-Russia ties are based on the convergence of national interests and world views

Misplaced Priority
Indian armed forces are yet to realise the criticality of loitering munitions and suicide drones

Powering On
With two operational and a third under construction, China is set to realise its ambition of six operational aircraft carriers

A Piece of Paradise
How a short visit to Kashmir opened my mind to alternate realities


For a Writer Who as Analysing Contemporary World, it is Important That his Emotions and his Anger Flow Through his Fingertips Onto the Keyboard
Josy Joseph, author of The Silent Coup: A History of India’s Deep State

Scorched Earth
Faced with the hostile LTTE and Sri Lankan forces, the IPKF had no chance of success. An extract. Excerpted with permission

Deadly Games
How the ISI ensnared the ill-prepared Indian ‘asset’


All Fired Up
Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

A Global Collective
Cmde G. Prakash (retd)

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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