In this Issue – July 2021

Letter from the Editor


Secrets of the Sea
The government finally approves the P-75I programme

The Volatility of the Indo-Pacific
With its growing fleet of SSBNs, PLAN has emerged as the most potent force in the region


Although We Believe the BEST AIP Will Satisfy Our Customers’ Needs, Navantia is Able and Ready to Incorporate the DRDO AIP for the Indian Navy if Required
International Defence Commercial Director, Navantia, José Manuel Mondéjar


What We Remember
Collective memory of the Kargil war serves not only as a reminder but a lesson too

Ties That Go Back
The colonial past notwithstanding, India and the UK have forged common interests across domains

The Threat of Invincibility
Proliferation of cruise missiles in India’s neighbourhood is a matter of concern

The Iron Wall
PLAGF’s synthetic formations represent China’s new approach towards warfare

You Are Being Watched
As the CCTV technology advances, threats to individual rights and privacy increases too

Empower the Fighters
The breadth of internal security challenges demands a re-evaluation of existing policies

Flying in the Pandemic
A slew of measures at the innovators and operators’ levels is ensuring safe air travel

CAPF and Border Security
Compiled by Mili Verma


China Made All Possible Efforts to Make India Understand the Need for Fresh Surveys… in Both the Sectors, But Unfortunately it Was Nehru Who Consistently Denied the Need For it
A.S. Bhasin, author of Nehru, Tibet and China

A Historical Baggage
How inexperience and inflexibility stalled India-China border resolution during Nehru-Zhou summit in 1960. An extract

The Writing is on the Wall
Why the Himalayan conflict will be a ‘no-win’ for India and China. An extract


The Jinx Continues
Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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