In this Issue – March 2024

Letter from the Editor


Politicisation & Preparedness
How narrow political interests are compromising the military’s warfighting ability

A Matter of Military Honour
Being secular and apolitical is critical to the professionalism of our forces

Strategic Overhaul
Indian Army’s comprehensive modernisation plan to enhance operational effectiveness in 2024

Eyes on the Future
The IAF sets its sights on a transformative journey towards modernisation and strategic autonomy by 2032

Sea the Opportunity
Indian Navy adapts to changing waters and expanding global role in 2024


Vayu Shakti Paints the Sky With Glory
IAF demonstrates precision strikes and tactical deployment, featuring modern and indigenous platforms

Chip off the New Block
Growing the indigenous semiconductor industry in the defence sphere will be a challenging endeavour

Beyond the Blue Yonder
India’s space economy, coordination and governance

In Need of Lift
The new Medium Transport Aircraft will transform the IAF’s military airlift capability

No Entry
Ending FMR, India to fence entire border with Myanmar

In Memoriam
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night…


Undoubtedly, There is a Case for Political Engagement With The People. But This Can Happen Only When the Ruling Parties Look Beyond Winning Elections
Rajeev Bhattacharyya, author of ULFA: The Mirage of Dawn

Double Agent
The murky world of insurgency and counter insurgency. An extract

Extreme Inequalities
Until these inequalities are bridged, it is impossible for the nation as a whole to prosper, let alone be a world leader. An extract


Eyes Strike
Col Mandeep Singh (retd)

The Final Frontier
Shrikumar Sangiah

Force Multipliers
R.C. Sharma

The Commander’s Way
A deep-dive into a CO’s life during counter insurgency operations

The Russian March
Maj. Gen. Atanu K Pattanaik (retd)



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