In this Issue – April 2022

Letter from the Editor


The Great Indian Dilemma
How the Russian operations in Ukraine are affecting the Indian military preparedness

Uncertainty Looms
With several projects in the pipeline with both Russia and Ukraine, the Indian military is feeling the pinch

From Setback to Opportunity
Russia-Ukraine conflict has implications for Indian Army’s war preparedness


Take The Load Off
Long hours, difficult working conditions and poor career prospects are taking an emotional toll on CAPF personnel

Guardians in Stress
The mental and emotional health of the personnel need immediate attention

Chinks in the Security
The government needs to address the border management challenges without delay

Line of Attack
The Indian Army is looking to enhance its artillery precision fire capability

Making Up For Shortfalls
Pakistan Air Force buying up to 60 J-10CE M-MRCA from China

Hunt for the MCMV
The Indian Navy’s need for modern Mine Counter Measure Vessels is yet to be met


Anatomy of a Tragedy
How opportunist politics turned the misery of the Kashmiri Pandits into a spectacle


News from Wings India 2022
India Leads South Asia Air Traffic Growth for the Next Two Decades


Best Companions
Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani (retd)

Humanity Above All
How we treat refugees has a bearing on how we treat our own people’, says Nandita Haksar at the release of her new book

Instead of Addressing Root Issues Successive Administrations of India Have Led with the Hammer, not a Handshake. This Lamentable Approach Has Always Proven to be Disastrous
Sudeep Chakravarti, author of The Eastern Gate: War and Peace in Nagaland, Manipur and India’s Far East

A Problem Called Manipur
How the Naga resolution is more complex than what the government makes it out to be

Sparks in the Tinderbox
How arrogance and indifference of the naval leadership led to the uprising. An extract


First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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