In this Issue – June 2021

Letter from the Editor


One Year of Ladakh
India continues to misread the Chinese threat

How the Crisis Unfolded
Compiled by Mili Verma

A Journey of 74 Years
How Indian Army finetuned its warfighting capabilities on the Ladakh plateau

Mobility, Lethality & Safety
As the Chinese threat looms, Indian Army seeks a range of multiutility vehicles

The Shrinking Pie
Leasing of equipment can only be a temporary measure and not the solution to our poor state of defence preparedness

Robots Are Here
AI is equipping ground-based autonomous systems with lethal capabilities


Highway to Collusion
Despite bottlenecks CPEC will change the geopolitical landscape of Asia


A Bridge Across Covid
The Indian Navy has deployed nine warships as part of its ‘Operation Samudra Setu-II’

Write Your Own History

The Sabre Killers
Lt Col S Balaji R and Col Nikhil Kapoor


So Close, Yet So Far
How India’s rise is hemmed in by systemic and infrastructural fault lines. An extract

Book Chat
Samrat Choudhury, author of The Braided River: A Journey Along the Brahmaputra

Border Line
When a nervous army officer came between the writer and the village. An extract


Body and Mind
Ravi Palsokar

The Coast is Clear
Cdr Ranjan Bhattacharya (retd)

Such a Long Journey
Cdr S. Shrikumar (retd)

To Control the Crowd
S.K. Sood




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