In this Issue – January 2022

Letter from the Editor


Rain of Fire
Firepower will remain the mainstay of ground forces

Tactical Edge
Despite challenges, the Indian Army is focussing on sharpening its combat edge at the tactical level

Bumpy Ride Ahead
The challenges before the Indian Army have got more complex


A Study to Formulate Organisational and Operational Contours for Implementation of MTC is in Progress
Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Radhakrishnan Hari Kumar


Time Capsule 2021
A look back at everything that hit the headlines this year

The Sameness of Being
At his first Navy Day press conference, Admiral R. Hari Kumar stressed on continuity

Towards 170 Ships
Systemic speed-breakers have slowed down India’s ship-building aspirations

Covert Cooperation
How the Chinese military acquired cutting edge tech, from right under the West’s nose

The Web of Indrajaal
Fighting intrusion by protecting 2000sqkm from a single node

So Near, Yet So Far
A shootout in December risks upending the best chance of peace Nagaland has had in many decades

Cold Facts
Napoleon and the advent of the operational art of war


My Only Intention While Writing This Book Was to Encourage Young Military Officers to Read… There are many extremely important military lessons ensconced within the book
Maj. Gen. Vijay Singh, author of POW 1971: A Soldier’s Account of The Heroic Battle of Daruchhian

I Do Not Think Any Lessons Have Been Learnt, One Has Only to Look at the Newspapers Then As Well As Now, Every Kill is an Occasion for Exultation
Brig. R.R. Palsokar, author of Ours Not to Reason Why: With the IPKF in Sri Lanka


Bound by Geography
Rabia Akhtar

Who Watches the Watchers
Dr N. C. Asthana

Line of Defence
R.C. Sharma




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