In this Issue – February 2022

Letter from the Editor


Blood, Sweat & Tears
The tech driven future wars will need more than this

DisTech and the IAF
Unless it’s incorporated in doctrines training, technology will have limited use

The Big Leap
Secure networks will hold the key to future operations

Talk Securely
Greater connectivity has created greater vulnerabilities

The Myth of BMD
India’s BMD programme remains fallible, despite claims to contrary

Airborne Alert
IAF is facing a shortfall in airborne early warning capability

Man-Machine Teams
HAL committed to man-unmanned programme

Unmanned Rovers
Indian Army accelerates efforts to develop unmanned ground vehicles


All Quiet on the Fronts
In his last press conference as COAS, Gen. M.M. Naravane stands by the reforms started by the CDS

Leading from the front
Unlike last year, this Army Day parade packed no surprises

Conflict and Cooperation
Despite the present military threat, India remains dependent on Chinese technology

Too Close for Comfort
China expands settlements, such as Xiaokang border-defence villages along the LAC in TAR

Republic at 72
Despite Covid fears and the absence of a chief guest, the government held elaborate celebrations on the Republic Day


In BJP-Ruled States There Were Cases of Lynchings, Anti-Love Jihad Mobilisations, Instances of Reconversions to Hinduism, Violent Attempts at Ghettoizing Muslims… But Nothing as Systematic as Today
Christophe Jaffrelot, author of Modi’s India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy

The Art of Victimhood
By elevating terrorism to the level of the main problem, Modi government fostered siege mentality among India’s majority. An extract

A Man of Many Parts
Fumbling on national security while being sure-footed on the economy. An extract

The Great Escape
A daughter’s recreation of her father’s courage and dare-devilry. An extract

A Profile in Courage
A belated biography of General T.N. Raina does justice to his life and times


Regional Watch
Ajay Singh

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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