In this Issue – December 2022

Letter from the Editor


The Sea is Deep, Dark and Dangerous
Naval strength is pre-requisite to establishing country’s credentials as a regional maritime power

The P-75(I) Soap Opera
Whatever be the outcome of the now in-jeopardy RFP, navy continues to lose precious time

Fighters At Sea
With China pulling ahead in naval aviation, Indian Navy must address growing asymmetry

Safe Distance
Remote controlled weapon stations enable soldiers to fire at targets from safe confines


Win Some, Lose Some
Stalemate on relations with neighbours but some progress in defence indigenisation in 2022

Shield in the Air
As aerial missiles become increasingly sophisticated, there is a need for a robust air defence system

Zhuhai Air Show | Zhuhai Surprises
Unmanned aerial systems, both armed and unarmed, take centre stage at the Chinese air show

Collaborative Combat
Manned aircraft and UAVs can team up for better results during missions

Pakistan Air Show | Seamless Transition
Türkiye and China biggest exhibitors at the 11th edition of Pakistan’s IDEAS

By Invitation | The Indian Navy Was the First International Customer for the P-8 and Today Operates the Second Largest Non-US Fleet
Managing director, Boeing Defence India, Surendra Ahuja


Nehru Has Suddenly Become Relevant Today, Precisely Because of the Attacks on Him
Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee, author of Nehru and The Spirit of India

The Politics of History
How Nehru sought unity in the diversity of Hindus and Muslims. An extract

Always a Soldier
How through sheer determination, the author proved that loss of limb does not mean loss of abilities. An extract


Reform the Police
S.K. Sood

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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