In this Issue – January 2024

Letter from the Editor


Boots on the Ground
Prachand will support ground troops, giving a boost to army’s operational capability

Think Before You Leap
There is a need for fresh look at the idea of theatre commands

Threat from the Skies
The evolving landscape and criticality of ground-based air defence

Unmanned and Intelligent
Loitering munitions are progressively changing the face of warfare

Eye on Target
The Indian Army is inducting a wide range of infantry small arms from abroad with indigenous efforts having stalled

Going Unmanned
Greater use of UGV could allow the Indian Army to redeploy personnel for more pressing tasks


The Year That Was
The quick recap of the events of 2023 which will have resonance in the New Year

Act West Asia
Expanding its defence outreach, India aims to safeguard its strategic interests in the region

In the Forefront
Home minister Amit Shah takes the salute at BSF’s Raising Day

Unexplored Territory
Important to integrate aerospace, defence and cyber capacities for security


Pushed to the Edge
Pratinav Anil

Between Fear and Courage
Zeyad Masroor Khan

The New Natural
Ziya Us Salam


Secure Borders
R.C. Sharma

First Person
Ghazala Wahab



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