In this Issue – May 2021

Letter from the Editor


Befriend the Forest
Peace talks and capacity-building have to go together to tame the Maoists

The Burden of Hollowness
Anti-Maoist operations continue to suffer from poor, unaccountable leadership

The Maoists are Fighting Their Last Battle in This Area. Earlier Their Stronghold Used to be 100km x 100km. Now it is 40km x 40km
Director general Central Reserve Police Force, Kuldiep Singh

Un-Intelligent Operations
Pure guesswork is passed on to the forces in the name of intelligence in the LWE theatre

Red Earth
The key to successful counter-Maoist operations is intelligence and ground understanding

Bull by the Horns
To decisively fight the Maoists, India needs a culture of accountability at all levels


The Great Game Redux
Riding the twin horses of economics and military power, China is edging India out of Central Asia


Red Letter Day
PLAN commissions three vessels, including an SSBN, in one day

Russia Improves C-UAV Skills
How the radio-electronic dome is disabling the unmanned aerial systems

The Tech Route
China holds the 9th edition of international radar expo for current and future customers

On a Wing and a Prayer
The second wave of Covid-19 has left the nation gasping for air, literally


Rise of the Dragon
Its economics, technology, and internal politics require a China much more actively engaged in shaping the world that it has ever been before

The War of the Future
An extract from the chapter AI, Autonomy, and the Third Offset Strategy

Propaganda as Policy
How a well-orchestrated narrative was spun to widen the communal divide


In Human Interest
Cdr Ranjan Bhattacharya (retd)

New Delhi’s Choice
Ajay Singh



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