In this Issue – May 2022

Letter from the Editor


Cut the Fence
With LAC becoming more complex, India must resolve the LC

Peace with Pakistan
By turning LC into a soft border, the Modi government can finally do what none could in the past

Rhetoric Vs Reality
The CAS’ vision of the future war calls for a national effort

The Long & The Short
Homegrown or imported, the Indian Army enhances its inventory of ground-based missiles

Heavy Lifters
The IAF needs to relook its option for heavy lift aircraft post 2030


The Age of Hypersonics
Global race to design and develop hypersonic missiles

Military Service as a Hobby
Is ToD a quick fix for growing vacancies or a recipe for militarisation of the society?

Far Sight
Indigenously Developed IRST for IAF SU-30 MKI Fleet

Future Tech
Shoring up Indian Army’s indigenous capability to develop futuristic technologies

The PPP Model
IIT Kanpur to incubate MoD’s flagship iDEX-Prime programme

Picture Story
The world is here


Gallantry & Glory
The Lone Wolf celebrates the life and times of Maj. Ashok Tara VrC

Don’t Forget That the First Four Navy Chiefs in Independent India Were Britishers and They Led the Indian Navy Until 1958
Pramod Kapoor, author of 1946: Last War of Independence, Royal Indian Navy Mutiny

Each Book Has a Character of its Own
Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani (retd)

China Challenges Modi
How India’s relations with its eastern neighbour continue to flummox policymaking. An extract

The Story up to March 1971
How the 1970 elections sowed the seeds of the Bangladesh liberation war. An extract


The Soldier’s Dilemma
With this month, FORCE starts bimonthly series on counter-insurgency operations in India

Everything Under Heaven is in Utter Chaos
Brig. Dinesh Mathur (retd)

Game Changers
Rear Admiral P Ashokan (Retd)

Secure the Border
R.C. Sharma

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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