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Letter from the Editor

Cover Story

The Gap is Growing
IAF’s depleting combat strength needs urgent attention

The Emergence of the BrahMos Has Not Only Strengthened India’s Technological Base But Also Elevated its Image in the Global Arena
CEO & MD BrahMos Aerospace, Atul Dinkar Rane

Joint Asset
Need to bridge the divide for the ownership of the attack helicopters in the Indian armed forces

Celebrating India
MBDA understands the importance of operational capability and sovereignty to the IAF

Force Multipliers
AWACS’ usefulness is contingent on onboard systems, such as radar, communication and ESM elements

Watchdogs in the Sky
IAF is rapidly growing its unmanned ISR capability

The Search Continues
IAF is looking for several options to meet its requirements for Flight Refuelling Aircraft

In-Country Support
MRO services play a big role in empowering India’s aerospace sector

Integrated Air Defence
Greater efforts need to be made to synergise the air defence requirements of all three services

Small Molecules, Big Threat
India’s national security strategy needs to recognise biotechnological threats

Learning Exercises
IAF’s participation in international exercises helps it keep abreast of new technologies and tactics

We Expect to Expand our Sourcing in India to Nearly USD150M Annually by 2030/strong>
President and Country Head, Pratt & Whitney, Ashmita Sethi


Two Worlds
With the rise of BRICS, G-20 would become increasingly irrelevant

Secure Cloud
Mastering Cloud Incident Response: A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity in ASEAN

Indrajaal Provides Safety Net
Anti-drone system driven by artificial intelligence capable of thwarting threats in short time frame

Countering China
The curious anxiety of the Indian army chief about the Indo-Pacific

Sound of Guns
How ‘purana’ Kashmir keeps spoiling ‘naya’ Kashmir’s party


The Need to Survive And Triumph Politically, to Wrest Power or to Retain it, Have Been Strong Driving Forces of Decision-Making at the Top
Neerja Chowdhury, author of How Prime Ministers Decide

The Dirt Trail
Why the rise and fall of Anil Ambani’s RAL needs to be investigated


Pravin Sawhney



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