In this Issue – November 2023

Letter from the Editor


Competition Vs Cooperation
China-Russia unleashes a vision of an interdependent world, while the US struggles with zero sum politics


Borders As Walls
India is among the few countries with extensive hard borders dividing people

Surveillance Tech
AI in homeland security raises ethical and privacy concerns

Of Critical Importance
Border security is the bedrock of national security

Shadow Boxing
NIA, RAW, ATS, IB sleuths told to demolish terror ecosystem amid row with Canada


Around the World on Wings
India to set-up defence wings across the world, says army chief, Gen. Manoj Pande

Trying to Catch Up
Seamless military satellite communications still have a long way to go

Three Into One
Integrating IACCS, Akash Teer, and Trigun should be the next step in NCW

Pride and Power
IAF celebrates its 91st raising day over the waters of Sangam

Shock Effect
Modern militaries are upgrading their MBTs to cater to the modern battlefield

Always a Soldier
Need for a more encompassing policy to rehabilitate disabled personnel

Past Perfect
Rajnath Singh launches ‘Project Udbhav’, a collaboration between Indian Army and the USI

Going All French
With three additional Scorpenes, Indian Navy has unveiled its future roadmap

Red Recedes
Sharp drop in Naxal violence, areas under LWE influence shrink


The More Things Change…
Reporting the Israel-Palestine conflict has always been fraught with danger. An extract

Seeds of Rebellion
How socio-economic inequities in Indian villages incubated mass disaffection

First Among Equals
How the presence of a US citizen saved 3,000 CAR citizens from a massacre. An extract


The Elusive Peace
Brig. Ravi Palsokar (retd)

In Deep Sea
Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (retd)

A Matter of Humanity
Yashovardhan Azad

Training Not Enough
S.K. Sood



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