In this Issue – August 2021

Letter from the Editor


Political Theatre
Indian military needs reforms, but not in the way the CDS is proposing

The Indivisibility of Airpower
The proposed theatre structures must not clip air force’s wings

No Air Defence Command
To achieve effective air defence, India needs to have an integrated Command & Control system

Unite, Don’t Divide
Need Maritime Theatre Command to synergise capacities and capabilities


Target Not in Sight
India needs to catch up in the development of indigenous anti-drone technologies and C-UAS systems

A Web of Worry
As India embraces technology, its military vulnerabilities are increasing

Hard Landing
The IAF is once again facing a shortfall in its basic trainer aircraft fleet

New Novelties Showcased
MAKS 2021 unveils the possible forerunner to BRAHMOS-2

All Weather Friends
Withstanding several challenges, Indo-French cooperation continues to grow

Reign of Fire
Two years of the abolition of Articles 370 & 35A


In the Dead of the Night
How R&AW planned and executed the devastating attack on East Pakistan’s ports

Order and Stability
How history shapes China’s present policies. An extract


The War is On
Smith Gonsalves

The Anatomy of an Insurgency
Brig Ravi Palsokar (retd)

The Return of the Taliban
Ajay Singh

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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