In this Issue – August 2022

Letter from the Editor

FORCE is 19

Last of the Teens
Our scope has widened. Our focus has sharpened behoving a 19-year-old

History as a Weapon
Ahistorical imaginations of Indian history sustains the idea of ‘righting’ wrongs of the past

Know Thy Threat
India can still win against China. Here’s how.

Made in India
The indigenously developed Tejas Mk-1A, Medium Weight Fighter and AMCA could finally free the IAF from its import dependency

Politics of Peacekeeping
How the West promotes its interests through the UN without boots on ground

The Invisible Enemy
Challenges to India’s internal security remain formidable


Lest We Forget
Glimpses of Kargil Vijay Diwas celebration across the country

Fangs of the Dragon
Long range artillery accretions opposite Ladakh

Vikrant is Home
IAC-I is a great example of public-private and foreign partnership

By Invitation | Longstanding Partners
MBDA has an unparalleled legacy in India


Global Security Initiative is a New Security Vision Which Advocates Common, Comprehensive, Cooperative and Sustainable Security
Ambassador of People’s Republic of China in India, Sun Weidong

It is Imperative to Have a Very Good Intelligence System—Trained Manpower Who Can Profile People Through Their Movements And Through The Behaviour
Director General, Sashastra Seema Bal, Dr S.L. Thaosen

Panasonic Re-Engineered the Resistive Touchpad to be 60 Per Cent Larger While Being Usable When Wearing Gloves For Increased Flexibility
Director, System Solutions Division, Panasonic India, Vijay Wadhawan


Reading for Reflection
Maj. Gen. B.K. Sharma (retd)
Books should not be categorised as educational or entertaining. An ideal book should have both these features. Unless educative books are interesting it would be impossible to read them. And if the raciest of thrillers don’t leave us with a thought to ponder upon, they will remain in the read and throw category, not finding a place in the bookshelves. Here’s my list of recent books that have caught my attention.

The Big Disruptor
How China-Russia combine forced the US’ Third Offset Strategy. An Extract

Not Too Far
Developments in military space technologies. An extract


Man Over Machine
Col Mandeep Singh (retd)

You Don’t See It
Girish Linganna

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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