In this Issue – July 2022

Letter from the Editor


Procurement Problems
Limited capital outlay, fanciful RFPs and tedious policies are retarding the acquisition process

The Final Frontier
The Indian military needs to make a sustained investment in space-based technologies

A Case For the Bombers
The IAF needs to invest in at least a couple of bomber squadrons

Fight for the Fighters
IAF’s and IN’s fighter programmes are once again throwing up new twists and turns

Target Acquired
The emerging technologies have made radars omniscient


‘We Are a Neighbour of India, with the Same Stakes in the Region’s Future, the Same Assessment of the Challenges, and the Same Approach to Tackle Them’
Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Emmanuel Lenain

Coastal Scan
BEL is nearing completion of Phase II of India’s Coastal Surveillance System

Back to the Drawing Board
Agnipath is a bad scheme which is being marketed badly

Fire and Brimstone
Despite government’s assurances, military aspirants remain angry with Agnipath

Dangerous Experiment
The Agnipath scheme can yet be redeemed through some critical modifications

Flight of Fancy
In its current form, the Agnipath scheme makes light of military ethos

A Unique Distinction
China’s launch of the third aircraft carrier marks the maturing of its shipbuilding


Books and the Pursuit of Knowledge
Lt Gen Raj Shukla (Retd)

Asian Hegemon
Why India’s strategy of stalling China may not ensure permanent peace. An extract


Reform Now
R.C. Sharma

Untouched by Sanctions
Girish Linganna

Needle in the Hay stack
Brig. Ravi Palsokar (retd)

First Person
Ghazala Wahab




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