In this Issue – January 2021

Letter from the Editor


New Threats, Old Mindset
Indian Army’s modernisation needs to start from the classroom

The Chinese Challenge
With the crisis in Ladakh, the armed forces need to snap out of Pakistan-centric proxy war mindset and look at China

Reforming of Reforms
Changes are afoot for the PLAGF to become a world-class military by 2049

Firepower is in Place
India’s artillery modernisation programme picks up pace with new acquisitions and inductions

Stealth and Speed
There is a need to prioritise long delayed combat vehicles

A Year of CDS
Far from initiating genuine reforms, Gen. Rawat has been tinkering with structures that actually worked

For Greater Good
The army should invest in better equipment for amphibious operations

Power of the Young
Re-invent the National Cadet Corps to address the youth bulge challenge

Two to Tango
The BSF and Indian Army have to work together in the interest of national defence

Beat the Neighbours
Build an ecosystem in the country to produce the much-required UAVs and UCAVs


O Djibouti!
India needs to invest more in its ties with the tiny African nation


Enhancing Joint Warfighting
Ex Shaheen-VIII, PLAAF-PAF’s joint exercise, was conducted in mid-August 2020

By Invitation | Reliable Partner
MBDA is proud to celebrate Indian Army Day 2020 with the Indian Army, and reflects back on over 50 years of partnership on Indian-made anti-tank weaponry for the Indian Army


Books Are Integral One’s Progress as an Officer
Reading, once cultivated as a hobby can overtime become a habit which is difficult to break. For military officers, this habit should be a part of training discipline, because not only reading opens the mind to new ideas, it also makes the mind supple enough to absorb and challenge those ideas. Both are integral to learning and one’s progress as an officer. Books have always been my companion. While in service I was not able to read as much as I would have liked, today I make up for all those years. Read as much as you can is my one message to all young officers. Here’s my short list of must-read books

Beyond Khukuri and Madal
A brief history of Gurkhas, told by a Gurkha

Had Our Rulers Shown a Willingness to Counter Threats at a Distance, Our History Might Have Been Different
Col Ajay Singh, author of India’s Battlefields from Kurukshetra to Balakot

Against All Odds
How raw courage turned Quaid post on Siachen to Bana Post. An extract

Diminishing Returns
Chinese attempts to forge a new kind of globalization. An extract


Frozen in Time
Air Marshal Ramesh Rai (retd)

First Person
Ghazala Wahab

Pravin Sawhney



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