Letter from the Editor | January 2021

As 2020 drew to a close, jokes and memes about the lost year started to emerge. Understandably, people could hardly wait for the year to get over. But the enthusiasm about the new year was tempered by trepidation as news about new variants of corona virus started to pour in.

However, in the midst of sorrow, fear, stress and forced loneliness, the year gone by has also been about mindfulness; about being conscious of every moment, every blessing and every uncertainty. Above all, it has been a year to be grateful. For having lived to see another year. For having escaped the rampaging virus. For discovering the values of companionship. On that note, FORCE wishes all its readers a better year ahead. May all of you and your loved ones remain safe, happy and healthy.

As is the tradition, we start the year with a special on the Indian Army. And so, it is this time. Mindful of the fact that 2020 has been a challenging year for the Indian armed forces, especially the army, our cover story aims at capacity building at all levels—from human resource to equipment.

Complementary to the cover story are two pieces, pertaining to the three services. Lt Gen. Harwant Singh reviews the first year in office of the chief of defence staff and Air Marshal Ramesh Rai reviews the proposal of theatre commands floated by the CDS. The reason they both find place in the Army special is simple. As the largest of the three services, army’s influence over policymaking is more. It is also more affected by any military reform put in place by the government.

China continues to loom over our editorial. In our India and the BRI section, we look at the coastal nation of Djibouti which so far has been adroitly doing the balancing act between India and China. Only future will tell, which way the tide would go.

One section that continues to grow is books. The January issue is particularly books heavy. Perhaps, it is a fitting way to start the New Year. After all, reading is the exact opposite of socialising. Stay safe. And Happy New Year!



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