In this Issue – November 2020

Letter from the Editor


Train-Learn Balance
Importance of professional military education cannot be overemphasised

The American Philosophy of Professional Military Education is Completely Different From Both Pakistan and India, the Latter Two Being Virtually the Same
Col David O. Smith (retd), USAF and author The Wellington Experience

View from the US
How Defence Services’ Staff College, Wellington, serves-up only a glass half full. An Extract

Need to Prioritise INDU
It’ll not only promote higher education and research but develop strategic mindset

Change with Times
Indian Professional Military Education system needs urgent reform

Value Addition
A professionally educated military is critical to national security


Walking a Tightrope
The strategic position of Indonesia in the IOR makes it much sought after by both India and China


Not Just the French Problem
Unless leaders understand its history and meaningfully engage with the community, tackling Islamist terrorism will remain a halfway house

Flying High and Strong
Indian Air Force celebrates its 88th anniversary

Underwater Security
India should invest more in ASW operations to keep its waters safe

Networked Future
The era of algorithmic alliances is here

Eyes on the Ground
India should invest much more in unmanned ground systems for better intelligence gathering


Counterterrorism is Cheaper than Counterinsurgency, but it Does Not Offer the Same Long-Term Benefits if Successful
Conrad C. Crane, author Cassandra in Oz: Counterinsurgency and Future War

The View from the Field
How the evolving counter insurgency doctrine played out during operations in Iraq. An extract

A Force to Reckon With
A much-needed understanding of the vital role played by the BSF

True Companions
Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)


Embrace the Idea
Ajay Singh

Divide and Diminish
Air Marshal Ramesh Rai (retd)

Reality Check
R.C. Sharma

Pravin Sawhney



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