In this Issue – April 2021

Letter from the Editor


Smartness of Small
Given the huge need for small arms across services, India needs to prioritise indigenous production

The Importance of Personal Weapons
CAPFs need small arms that are state-of-the-art and effective, and not the present obsolete lot


Strong Submarine Arm
The government should intervene to fast-track Project 75(I) which has been unduly delayed

With Strings Attached
India should understand the long-term implications of its military relationship with the US before making any major commitments

The Future of Kashmir
In the years to come, the valley’s status is expected to remain the same

View from Pakistan | Not a Fig Leaf
Islamabad’s overtures to New Delhi must be viewed with an open mind

On a Building Spree
PLA strengthens its facilities in the Tibet Autonomous Region

Rage and Radicalisation
Reason, rational discourse and growing criticism at international level can control this rise

Fighting the Tough Fight
The new DG CRPF has his task cut out to handle the various problems in the country


That the Chinese are a threat on Indian Ocean is a fact that common Indians are not aware of. Therefore, the need to educate them about this. The encirclement theory is something I believe in, therefore the ‘strings in a pearl’ theory of the Chinese is a reality in my opinion
Kingshuk Nag, journalist and author of A New Silk Road: India China and the Geopolitics of Asia

In Service of the Nation
The process of indigenisation began in 1960s, yet continues to flounder

Turning Adversity into Advantage
Most books on leadership are pontifications with a list of do’s and don’ts. I have books, some old and some new, which spell out the essentials of leadership by live examples on how critical situations were successfully dealt with and, sometimes, how mistakes were made, but corrected. This short list of four books will give leaders, especially of the military, an insight into the art of leadership and the art of turning adversity into advantage


Coming of Age
Ajay Singh

Refugees Are Not Illegal
Nandita Haksar

A Tankful of Promise
Maj. Gen. Rambir Mann

Towards a Common Future
Sudheendra Kulkarni

An Encounter Like No Other
Ravi Palsokar

First Person
Ghazala Wahab



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