In this Issue – July 2020

Letter from the Editor


Lessons From The Past to Build the Future
On the 75th anniversary of the WWII victory, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalls the price world paid for peace


Feet of Clay
India faces its biggest challenge in decades

Kashmir Holds the Key
There is a need to start the process for resolution

For a Peaceful World
Russia makes its neutral stand clear on India-China border tensions at the RIC trilateral meet

Playing With Fire
The announcement of new ‘rules of engagement’ on the LAC can complicate matters

Families Matter
In the din of war drums, the voice of a veer naari needs to be heard too

Militant Mission
How far the government’s new plan to handle militancy in the Valley works remains to be seen


The First Trilateral Meeting Between RIC Defence Ministers Under The Russian Chairmanship Could Take Place By The End Of This Year
Ambassador of the Russian Federation to India, Nikolay Kudashev

As We Induct New Equipment Based On New Threats, We Impart Training in Handling of That Equipment as Well as in New Technologies
DG, CRPF, Dr A.P. Maheshwari


The Himalayan Tango
China focuses on capacity building in Nepal


Home Fortification
It’s imperative to have well-equipped, modern and strong internal security forces

Caught on Camera
The market for CCTVs keeps growing with new, sophisticated technologies now available

Advanced Capabilities
MBDA’s Meteor BVR missile and MICA will be a part of the first six Rafale fighter jets being delivered by 27 July 2020

Flying during Pandemic
Confidence of air travellers is important to get the aviation industry, reeling under Covid-19, back on its feet

India raises the level of its ties with Australia
Adds multiple facets from defence cooperation to military exercises


Win Back Old Allies
Brig. Dinesh Mathur (retd)

The Road Ahead from Galwan
Ajay Singh

New Threats, New View
S.K. Sood

Change the Mindset
R. C. Sharma


July 2020




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