In this Issue – September 2019

Letter from the Editor


Once There Was Hope
Now there is only despair and desolation

Chinese Moves on Kashmir
The shadow of August 5 will loom over the upcoming Modi-Xi summit

To Kashmir and Back
Long days, longer nights and unanswered questions


Sea to Shore
Phase II of the coastal surveillance network likely to completed by year end

Polar Opposites
TAR is a model of growth and development while Ladakh and Uttarakhand seriously lag behind

The Dragon’s Stealthy Moves
PLA’s Western Theatre Command has finally taken shape

Smarter and Faster
Modern warfare needs have spurred a demand for smart ammunitions


The Central Government Needs to Enhance its Share of Financial Assistance to the States for Modernising Their Police Forces
Special director general of police, Chhattisgarh, Rajinder Kumar Vij


Books | Rule of the Sea
How Xi Jinping linked ocean to economic prosperity of China

Books | The VVIP Mess
How and why did the scandal explode? Why was Michel’s name dragged into it?


Money Over Matter | One Block at a Time
Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

A Meeting of Interests
Mahendra P. Lama

Fire Play
S.K. Sood

Death in the Mountains
Sudhakar Natarajan


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