In this Issue – March 2021

Letter from the Editor


What Lies Ahead
The future of border management raises uneasy questions

Quality Over Quantity
The BSF needs result-oriented training to ensure availability of manpower at cutting-edge level of operations

Watchful Eyes
Drones can play an effective role in India’s border surveillance


Far from Reality
Defence aerospace may not fully fulfil government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative in the near future

India has realised the importance of drones to combat the threat it faces on its borders

Precise and Lethal
PLAGF has inducted the 33-tonne ZTQ-105 to prevent wet-gap crossings

Business As Usual
A range of weapons and platforms at IDEX and NAVDEX

Freeze Frame
Aero India 2021, smaller as compared to its previous editions, managed to retain the feel of the show



We are working with the IAF and Indian Navy to provide operational capability and readiness for the P-8Is, the C-17s, and the Head of State aircraft through sustenance contracts, and for the Chinook and Apache fleets through warranty support
Managing director, Boeing Defence India, Surendra Ahuja

F-21 was designed for unique Indian requirements. It looks a little bit like F-16 but there are some key differentiators based on the requirements of Indian Air Force
Vice president for business development, Integrated Fighter Group, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, J.R. McDonald


The Question I Ask in the Book is “What Function Does a Nation Still Perform if it Has Consistently Failed to Offer the Most Basic of Human Dignity to its People?
Suchitra Vijayan, author of Midnight’s Border: A People’s History of Modern India

A Line Across People
Why South Asian borders induce distress and dislocation instead of security. An extract


The Debate Continues
Ravi Palsokar

A Battle Lost
Dr N.C. Asthana

First Person
Ghazala Wahab

Pravin Sawhney



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