Pratt & Whitney Delivers the 50,000th PT6 Turboprop Engine

Pratt & Whitney rolled out the 50,000th PT6 turboprop engine off their production line. With the new PT6 E-Series engine now in full production, powering the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, the numbers continue to grow.

A statement from Pratt and Whitney said that the PT6 turboprop engine is the proven choice for demanding, high-cycle/high-power applications in single as well as twin-engine aircraft for all kinds of missions and applications. The engine fleet’s current flying population is more than 25,000 units and it has accumulated more than 410 million flight hours and counting–that’s more flying time than anyone else in this segment.

“From the first application more than 50 years ago, the now iconic PT6 engine turns possibilities into realities for our customers around the world on more than 130 different applications today,” said Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Pratt & Whitney, Irene Makris. “With each new model of engine developed and designed for a mission, platform, and customer in mind, our employees continue to build a more efficient, smarter engine with a shrinking environmental footprint– and they continue to rise to the challenge every day,” she added.

Makris sees the 50,000-engine marker as the opportunity to pause and thank customers and employees for this remarkable accomplishment. It is a testament to the ongoing success of the engine and the innovation behind its ongoing evolution. The most recent example of this being the launch of the PT6 E-Series engine, the first the first turbine engine in the general aviation market to offer a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control.

“This production milestone is unmatched in the industry. It offers us another opportunity to celebrate the engine’s ongoing success as we continue exploring new horizons for even more flying possibilities,” she said. She added that the achievement sits as the collective cornerstone of Pratt & Whitney in General Aviation. With the PT6 E-Series engine now at the forefront, they remain committed to pushing innovation as they’ve been doing since the very beginning.



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