Jammu & Kashmir

More Falsehoods – November 2018
The municipal elections in the Valley were a total sham
By Fayaz Bukhari

Security in Numbers – November 2018
Union home minister Rajnath Singh announces deployment of a new NSG unit in Jammu and Kashmir
By Mihir Paul

The Tale of Two Kashmirs – November 2018
With the wailing mothers of the civilian youth on one side of the divide and the Tiranga-covered coffins of the security forces on the other, October has been the bloodiest month this year in Kashmir

Bone of Contention – October 2018
The Centre should handle the sensitive issue of Article 35-A more judiciously
By Fayaz Bukhari

Kashmir on the Edge – September 2018
In the absence of a political process, the ground situation becomes murkier
By Fayaz Bukhari

Blame Game Continues – July 2018
The Centre has to stop half-hearted measures to ensure peace in the Valley
By Fayaz Bukhari

Beyond False Promises – June 2018
Stop-gap measures cannot solve militancy problem in the Valley
By Fayaz Bukhari

Modi appeals to the youth to join mainstream – June 2018

Nightmare on the LC – March 2018
And the hinterland is no better
By Pravin Sawhney

Time is Running Out – March 2018
A dialogue with the Kashmiri youth is essential to check the growing menace of terrorism
By Fayaz Bukhari

A Brush with Bravery – January 2018
A civilian’s salute to the Indian soldier
By Suhas Kadlaskar

Genuine or Sham? – November 2017
Dineshwar Sharma’s appointment as an interlocutor raises some pertinent questions
By Fayaz Bukhari

Long Overdue – November 2017
A Rs 25,000 crore financial boost comes for internal security and police reforms
By Aditya Kakkar

Wake Up to Reality – November 2017
China Lists the Kashmir Conflict as its Top Priority
By Pravin Sawhney

Official Peace – September 2017
Yet, Kashmir continues to simmer
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Fuel to Fire – September 2017
The plea against Article 35A is adding to instability in Kashmir
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Game of Politics – September 2017
Former PDP minister Tariq Hameed Karra recounts how the ‘unholy alliance’ was made
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Anger Kills – July 2017
Both the police and the people are furious with each other
By Fayaz Bukhari

Sense of the Street – September 2016
Renewed militancy on cards, clueless government fails to tackle unrest
By Fayaz Bukhari

Healing Touch – September 2016
A multi-prong, concerted effort is needed to restore normalcy in Kashmir
By Somesh Goyal

The War Zone – December 2003
Following up on the inaugural cover story of FORCE, here is another treasure from our archives. In November 2003, FORCE team spent a week in the Jammu division of Kashmir. Starting with the Rashtriya Rifles’ Delta force headquarters in the Doda sector of Jammu division to get first-hand experience of Indian Army’s counter-insurgency operations, the December 2003 cover story included interviews with chief minister J&K Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, chief secretary Sudhir Bloeria, Northern Army Commander Lt Gen. Hari Prasad, Director General, BSF Ajai Raj Sharma, Inspector General, BSF, Jammu division, Dilip Trivedi, Inspector General CRPF, Jammu Division, C. Balasubramaniam and countless unnamed officers from across the uniform. Field reporting at its best. Read on.
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

The Line of (no) Control – August 2003
The mountains straddling the Line of Control are beautiful and inviting, but the invitation is steeped in deception. Lieutenant Mehta (not his real name, of course), has been, in his own words, doing the ‘parikrama’ of these challenging ranges for the last one month and he is still learning which peaks are friends and which are foes. You can’t blame this on his ineptitude, because, the LoC defies logic.
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



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