Honeywell Technology Revolutionises Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production

Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) unveils its groundbreaking hydrocracking technology, enabling the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from biomass. This innovation marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry’s quest for more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, with SAF generated using Honeywell’s technology boasting 90% less carbon intensity compared to traditional fossil-based jet fuels.


Honeywell’s hydrocracking technology not only facilitates the production of SAF but also yields 3-5% more SAF, driving cost reductions of up to 20% while simultaneously minimizing waste streams. By leveraging Honeywell’s Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Unicracking TM technology, biomass residues such as crop leftovers, wood waste, or food scraps can be converted into high-quality SAF that meets stringent aviation industry standards.


Ken West, President and CEO of Honeywell Energy and Sustainability Solutions, emphasized the critical role of this technology in meeting the escalating demand for SAF amidst limited traditional feedstock supplies. He stated, “Our new technology will expand the feedstock options available in the industry to sources that are more plentiful, ultimately helping improve our customers’ ability to produce SAF.”


DG Fuels, a key player in the renewable fuels sector, has selected Honeywell’s FT Unicracking technology for its biofuels manufacturing facility in Louisiana. This facility, slated to be the world’s largest SAF producer from the FT process, is poised to contribute significantly to carbon emission reductions in global air travel. Michael Darcy, CEO of DG Fuels, highlighted the transformative impact of Honeywell’s advanced technology on the airline industry’s journey towards carbon neutrality.


Honeywell’s commitment to advancing sustainable aviation is underscored by its pioneering Ecofining TM process, which has been commercially producing SAF since 2016. The company’s renewable fuels portfolio also includes Ethanol to Jet technology and eFining™, further diversifying feedstock options to meet growing demand.


With over 50 licensed sites globally and refineries projected to exceed a combined capacity of more than 500,000 barrels of SAF per day, Honeywell continues to lead the charge in accelerating the adoption of renewable aviation fuels. This latest technological advancement reaffirms Honeywell’s dedication to driving sustainability and innovation in the aviation industry.



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