Guts, Grit and Glory | Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta (retd)

Cadets first, Women Later (January 2023)
Entry of women in NDA can be the first step towards gender agnosticism in the defence services

Task Cut Out For CDS (November 2022)
General Chauhan has erudition, orientation, exposure to deliver a national war effort

Stories Museums Tell (June 2022)
It’s a shame that the 1.3 million strong Indian armed forces have only 250-odd museums

The Indian Schindler of Jamnagar (November 2021)
How the ‘Good Maharaja’ sheltered 2,000 Polish children orphaned by the Nazis

The Ranjit Singh Way (September 2021)
India needs strategic patience and regular situational awareness to address its Afghan dilemma

The Chinese Challenge (January 2021)
With the crisis in Ladakh, the armed forces need to snap out of Pakistan-centric proxy war mindset and look at China

Army Deserves the Best (June 2020)
The Tour of Duty proposal should be re-looked at again to ensure that quality is not compromised

Past and Present Connection (November 2019)
Gujarat’s contribution to India’s defence forces continues to be noteworthy

Braveheart’s Victory (March 2019)
How Major Ranbir Singh won the landmark Battle of Burj, 1971

Quietly Aggressive (August 2018)
The Doklam crisis of last year holds the key to peaceful resolution of conflicts

Lessons to Learn (July 2018)
Public-private partnership can be a way forward to military education and filling up officer shortage

The TNW Conundrum (May 2018)
India should take Pakistan’s threat of TNWs with more than a pinch of salt

Last Man Standing (December 2017)
The story of a brave-heart officer, Captain M.N. Mulla MVC, who chose death over dishonour

A Soldier Like No Other (September 2017)
Blinded by Cobra missile splinters sustained during the 1965 Indo-Pak War, the unassuming Cavalry officer, Jojo, devoted his life to empowering the disabled

Military Selection Conundrum (July 2017)
A complete overhaul is required in the selection process of armed forces officers

Dreams of a Paradise (June 2017)
A positive approach and a managed perception can help in restoring normalcy in Kashmir

A Real Life Hero (April 2017)
Brig N.S. Sandhu believes in looking adversity in the face, and moving on

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