Strategic Issues

Land SharkJanuary 2015
China’s claims on Tawang Tract has serious strategic implications
By Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal (retd)

On a Positive NoteJanuary 2015
Indo-US defence trade is likely to get a bigger boost against a growing strategic relationship between the two nations
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Being A Good NeighbourNovember 2014
A much deeper engagement with Afghanistan is essential for India at this critical juncture
By Maj. Gen. Ashok K. Mehta (retd)

Taken for a RideOctober 2014
India should have insisted on the LAC clarification during the Chinese President’s visit
By Pravin Sawhney

Growing PartnershipSeptember 2014
The Indo-US defence partnership is now expected to move from purchase to joint development
By Atul Chandra

Importance of BhutanSeptember 2014
The Himalayan neighbour can play a crucial role in India’s regional ambitions
By Abhismita Sen

Arms and the MenAugust 2014
Instead of an arms race, India should focus on strategic and nuclear force restructuring
By Lt Gen. Balraj Nagal (retd)

A Balancing ActMarch 2014
India should realise the road to stability with China passes through Pakistan
By Pravin Sawhney

All-InclusiveMarch 2014
The Standing Committee on Defence report covers pertinent issues based on their topicality and merit
A FORCE Report

On the Road to DisasterMarch 2014
Making rail and road connectivity to the China border should be a priority for the Indian government
By Pravin Sawhney

Rejuvenating the PartnershipJanuary 2014
The IACC organised Indo-US summit looked at ways to enhance bilateral trade and overcome policy roadblocks
By Dilip Kumar Mekala