In this Issue – June 2020

Letter from the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Vying for Attention
Sri Lanka’s strategic position in IOR makes it a much sought after ally for India and China


China Pushes the Boundary
Longer the face-off continues, greater will be the threat to India

Bridge to Security
To counter China, India has to invest long-term in infrastructure along the Indo-China border


Focus on the Armour
Indian forces need latest protective gear that not only protects but helps them to function better

Army of Robots
India’s research and development in AI and robotics is still at an early stage

Drop that Pellet
India should invest in latest non-lethal crowd control technology

Eyes and Ears Underwater
The Indian Navy awaits the nine ATAS which were cleared by DAC in 2017

Small is Smart
Focus on Regional Transport Aircraft will help provide the much-needed succour for the airline industry

Value for Money
Indian Navy to get three new MH-60 Romeos this year

Rise to the Challenge
India’s answer to meet medical emergencies, especially in remote areas, lies in investing in HEMS

Challenges Along the Coast
Much more should be done to make India’s coasts secure

Victims of the Virus
The CAPFs are following all the guidelines to keep their personnel safe and healthy during this pandemic


Transform and Triumph
Air Marshal Ramesh Rai (retd)

Evolving Domains of Warfare
Gp Capt A.K. Sachdev (retd)

Future of Tank Warfare
Ajay Singh

Huddle Together
Brig MKK Iyer (retd)

Let them Know You Care
R. C. Sharma

Money Over Matter | Battling the Forbidding Water Woes
Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Guts, Grit and Glory | Army Deserves the Best
Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta (retd)

First Person
Ghazala Wahab






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