Pierre Eric Pommellet Takes Over as Chairman and CEO of Naval Group

As the terms of office of several directors just came to an end, the Board of Directors has been partly renewed

On March 24, Naval Group’s Board of Director made a proposition to for the French President to appoint Pierre Eric Pommellet as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

The President of the Republic had ratified the proposal made by Naval Group’s Board of Directors to appoint him as the Chairman of the group’s Board of Directors and to delegate to him the duties of Chief Executive Officer.

Pierre Eric Pommellet said, “It is an honour and an immense pride to serve Naval Group, a 400- year-old and now international and forward-looking company. I am taking up my duties in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis that we are all experiencing throughout the country – and the world – and I am aware of the responsibility thus entrusted to me. Today, all my energy, together with the group’s management team, is entirely devoted to fighting the spread of this virus and to protecting the health of Naval Group employees and their families. In line with these priorities, we are carrying out our essential missions so that our clients and partners can pursue theirs, in the service of defence. Naval Group’s purpose is to serve navies around the world, first and foremost the French Navy, and it is reflected at its strongest at times like this. I have full confidence in our company’s ability to meet these challenges thanks to the commitment of every employee, to their exceptional team spirit and to our operational excellence.”


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