By Invitation | CEO, Aerospace Business Division, Bharat Forge, Guru Biswal

Our Organisation Believes in ‘Creating Technologies’ rather than a ‘Transfer of Technology

Guru Biswal

What kind of products is Bharat Forge offering in the aerospace sector?

We are among the few suppliers who produce highly critical rotating parts like discs, shafts, blades, landing gear and transmission parts, both as forgings and finished products for commercial aircraft engine and aircraft OEMs and tier 1s, globally.

Apart from the parts, we are supplying turbomachinery products for both aero & non aero applications for Indian defence. We have indigenised and qualified aero grade raw materials to global specifications and have approvals from OEMs for their global supply chain requirements.

Bharat Forge Aerospace is engaged in the design and development of critical APUs and micro gas turbines for UAVs. Apart from this, we have set up for MRO of critical LRUs of engines in our facilities. Our goal is to add value to the customer in the life cycle management of their assets.


How does Bharat Forge stay up to date with advancements in aerospace technology and regulations?

The team at our Group’s R&D centres, viz, Kalyani Centre for Technology & Innovations does core research on materials and metallurgy. Apart from this our team at Gas Turbine & Technology Development Centre (GTTDC) does core design on new aerospace technologies for aircraft and gas turbines. This is our core R&D house with industry experts and a talent pool.

Apart from this we have several collaborations with global universities and have taken up joint research programmes on future technologies. Additionally, we are a part of several industry confederations of the government and contribute to future policy framework.


What is Bharat Forge’s approach to research and development in the aerospace industry?

Our organisation believes in ‘Creating Technologies’ rather than a ‘Transfer of Technology’. Creating technologies requires advanced research, which we carry out through industry-academia collaborations, both in India and across the globe.


What is Bharat Forge’s plan for future growth and expansion in the aerospace industry?

The opportunities arising from the sector are both global and local. We have been seen as a reliant partner by global OEMs for taking up products as alternate sources considering faster new product developments by us. This is not only in parts or products but also in the development of aerospace-grade raw materials for the global supply chain. We have already been approved by a few OEMs and we are in the process with a few others.

The domestic market is largely for product spares and technical support to meet the fleet running needs and also for indigenisation and localisation efforts as part of the Make in India. The Group is well prepared and acquiring capabilities to meet this demand scenario. We have seen a very positive response to our offers from both global and local customers.

We intend to develop capabilities along with global OEMs for developing gas turbines in India. In future we wish to emerge as a major development and supply partner to all the OEMs worldwide.




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