Those Were the DaysMarch 2015
Being in command at the INS Trata was an experience far removed from a typical naval stint
By Commodore K.P. Mathew (retd)

Light at the End of the TunnelFebruary 2015
The LCA programme continues to notch up developmental milestones
By Atul Chandra

Port of CallDecember 2014
With China’s control of Gwadar port, India should pursue a policy of bi-lateralism and multi-lateralism with IOR littorals
By Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (retd)

Designs on the FutureDecember 2014
The strengths and limitations of building a home-grown navy
By RAdm. N.P. Gupta (retd)

Passing the BuckDecember 2014
Was Admiral D.K. Joshi a convenient scapegoat post the tragedy on INS Sindhuratna?
By Cmde Lalit Kapur (retd)

Relook at SafetyDecember 2014
The sinking of the TRV-A72 has raised the need for urgent modernisation of the navy
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Fleet AirpowerDecember 2014
The Indian Navy is acquiring a broad range of capabilities for its naval air arm
By Atul Chandra

In Foreign WatersDecember 2014
Overseas deployment of western naval ships focuses on increasing maritime cooperation in East Africa and IOR
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

A Beginner’s CourseSeptember 2014
Providing sea legs to future naval officers
By Commodore K.P. Mathew (retd)

Man of WordAugust 2014
Chief of Navy Staff, Admiral R.K. Dhowan, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC
By Ghazala Wahab

Sea StrikeJuly 2014
Plans are afoot for the Indian Navy to induct a variety of potent anti-ship weapons in this decade
By Atul Chandra

The MinesweeperJune 2014
It became clear much later that PNS Ghazi had laid only one mine
By Cmde K.P. Mathew (retd)

That Sinking FeelingMay 2014
Perhaps, the investigation into the sinking of Sindhurakshak can unravel the mystery of PNS Ghazi
By Cmde K.P. Mathew (retd)

Sea is HomeDecember 2013
INS Vikramaditya finally sets sail for the Indian shores
By Vladimir ‘Vovick’ Karnozov

Big and BeautifulDecember 2013
The 44,500 tonne INS Vikramaditya is the largest ship to be operated by the Navy
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

The Game ChangerDecember 2013
INS Vikramaditya’s arrival signifies a gradual progress towards a balanced navy
By Vice Admiral Anup Singh (retd)

A Long Road AheadSeptember 2013
India launches its first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Power Under WaterSeptember 2013
Indigenously-Built Arihant Nuclear Submarine Activated
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Tragedy at SeaSeptember 2013
Major fire onboard sinks Indian Navy Submarine INS Sindhurakshak
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Sweet HomecomingAugust 2013
INS Vikramaditya to finally set sail for home on November 15
A FORCE Report

Where the Navy is BornDecember 2012
An expanding navy, and infrastructural limitations plague the Indian Naval Academy
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Sailing With the TideDecember 2012
India must revamp its shipbuilding industry to regain its position as a maritime power
By Vice Admiral Anup Singh (retd)

Maiden FlightMay 2012
LCA Navy NP-1 aircraft makes history with successful maiden flight
By Atul Chandra

Lethal PunchApril 2012
INS Chakra: Owner, Russian Navy. Operator, Indian Navy
By Vishal Thapar

Reign of Naval aviatorsFebruary 2012
LCA Navy programme will deliver operational LCA Navy Mk-2 fighter only a decade from now
By Atul Chandra

Deep Sea QuestJanuary 2012
A case for Russia’s Amur submarine for Indian Navy’s P-75I programme
By Vladimir ‘Vovick’ Karnozov

Marine MusketeersDecember 2011
India Navy gearing up for air-sea battles
By Prasun K. Sengupta

INS Vikramaditya to Set SailDecember 2011
Sea trials are scheduled for May 2012 and delivery for next year’s Indian Navy Day
By Vladimir ‘Vovick’ Karnozov

Coastal SecuritySeptember 2011
From military to constabulary
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Mixed Bag at BestSeptember 2011
Securing India’s vast coastline is no mean task
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Oceanic RoleJune 2011
India’s geography imposes huge responsibility on it
By Vice Admiral Sangram S Byce (retd)

The Game ChangerDecember 2010
MiG-29K multirole fighter will give unprecedented capabilities to the Indian Navy
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Impregnable FortressDecember 2010
Except for Port Blair, none of the 200 non-major ports in India have any identification or surveillance systems as yet

Navy for the FutureDecember 2010
The challenges are multifarious and responsibilities enormous, but does India have a strategy?

Sustained Build-UpDecember 2010
China is the primary trigger factor for naval arms race in the region

The Game ChangerDecember 2010
MiG-29K multirole fighter will give unprecedented capabilities to the Indian Navy

French ConnectionNovember 2010
Indo-French defence cooperation is moving from arms trade to comprehensive security

Perils of Not TalkingAugust 2010
The challenge of nuclear restraint and stabilisation in South Asia

Real TransformationDecember 2008
Aircraft carrier, new ships, fighter aircraft and the SSBN
By Pravin Sawhney

Killers at BayDecember 2008
Submarines are the offensive weapons of choice
By Pravin Sawhney

Indian NavyDecember 2007
Poised for the big leap
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Wings over the SeaJune 2007
Navy to enhance its surveillance capabilities
By Pravin Sawhney

Operational GapDecember 2006
Submarines remain Indian Navy’s biggest challenge
By Pravin Sawhney

Sea PowerDecember 2006
The Indian Navy sails in blue waters
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Voyagers to the East
The Eastern Naval Command goes in a diplomatic drive