General’s Concerns – February 2018
The issue of Doklam dominated COAS’s annual press conference
By Aditya Kakkar

Protection Gear – February 2018
Add-on armour is a cheaper and effective solution on the battlefield against mean machines such as RPGs
By Jaison Deepak

Purple Reigns – January 2018
The Indian Army and the art of joint-ness
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

A Shot in the Arm – January 2018
Modernisation of Army Air Defence gathers speed with acquisition cases being on track
By Brig. MKK Iyer (retd)

Smart Ally – January 2018
Arjun Mark 2 comes with 93 improvements on the earlier version
By Jaison Deepak

Armour Piercer – January 2018
The DRDO has the arduous task of developing a MPATGM for the army after the Spike ATGM is out of the race
By Aditya Kakkar

Shoot to Kill – January 2018
The Indian Army has finally readied one of its largest procurement plans for infantry modernisation
By Aditya Kakkar

A Brush with Bravery – January 2018
A civilian’s salute to the Indian soldier
By Suhas Kadlaskar

Light in the Dark – January 2018
The Indian Army is moving to thermal imagers from the traditional II devices
By Jaison Deepak

First In, Last Out – January 2018
Well-equipped combat engineering units are a necessity in conventional and asymmetric conflicts
By Jaison Deepak

Short on Firepower – January 2018
In its second report, the CAG has criticized the MoD for its lack of storing functioning ammunition
By Aditya Kakkar

Serious Shortfall – January 2018
Stop-gap measures cannot cover up the need for small arms procurement
By Jaison Deepak

Schooled to Think – January 2018
Governments have to look beyond just good military training college
By RAdm. Sudhir Pillai (retd)

The Minister Speaks – January 2018
The government will undertake reforms to improve the productivity and efficiency of ordnance factories
By Aditya Kakkar

Being Unserious – November 2017
Why threats of Cold Start and TNWs are mere rhetoric
By Pravin Sawhney

For Soldiers’ Comfort – November 2017
A slew of companies is trying to make life easier for soldiers living in harsh terrains
By Jaison Deepak

Joint Action – November 2017
Exercise INDRA 2017 includes for the first time all three services of the armed forces
A FORCE Report

Fitness Test – November 2017
Army’s armoured vehicles get the long overdue upgrades
By Jaison Deepak

A Stitch in Time – October 2017
A new start-up has come up with solutions for wound management
By Jaison Deepak

More Power to Fire – October 2017
Artillery upgradation finally gets a boost as first two M777 ULH come to India
By Maj. Gen. Harsha Kakar (retd)

Much Ado About Nothing – September 2017
Modi government should ditch bombast and focus on building military power to avoid crises like Doklam
By Pravin Sawhney

Beyond Surgical Strikes – September 2017
Special Operation Forces should be utilised to its full potential
By Pravin Sawhney

Fired Up – August 2017
Indian Army has speeded up its artillery acquisition
By Jaison Deepak

Green Light at Last – August 2017
OFB and BEL will carry out the upgrades on 693 BMP-2s of the Indian Army
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Dependable Ally – September 2016
A variety of Russian military platforms dominate the Indian Army
By Rahul Bedi

Men and Machines – August 2016
Time to seriously consider downsizing the army and bringing in technological innovations
By Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal (Retd)

The Long and Short of It – April 2016
To meet future challenges, Army Air Defence has to be well equipped
By Brigadier MKK Iyer, SM

Face the Enemy – March 2016
The proxy war against Pakistan will not stop as long as India continues to counter insurgency operations in J&K
By Pravin Sawhney

Multiple Battlefronts – January 2016
The government should not neglect the needs of the Indian Army
By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)

Target Lock – January 2016
Attention is now being given to the Army’s Air Defence Needs
A FORCE Report

Recoil Effect – January 2016
The Indian Army faces challenges when it comes to acquisition of modern small arms systems for its infantry
A FORCE Report

Protect the Protector – November 2015
Government must wake up to the urgent need of ballistic body armour for the armed forces
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Aerial Engagement – September 2015
Army’s Air Defence needs are seeing greater momentum
By Atul Chandra

Crossing the Rubicon – September 2015
The least the government can do to honour those who have served the nation is to implement the OROP
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

Arming the Army – August 2015
The armed forces urgently need to modernise the weaponry
By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)

Not a Small Matter – August 2015
The army needs to revamp its small arms
By Rahul Bedi

Marching into the future – January 2015
As yet another Army Day is celebrated, here’s an assessment of the Indian Army
By General V. P. Malik (retd)

And Happily Ever After – January 2015
A transparent promotion system and opportunities for re-employment after retirement are the need of the hour
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

From the Valley to Kargil – January 2015
The 8 Mountain Division fulfilled its role brilliantly during both CI operations and conventional warfare
By Lt. Gen. Mohinder Puri (retd)