Dependable Ally – September 2016
A variety of Russian military platforms dominate the Indian Army
By Rahul Bedi

Men and Machines – August 2016
Time to seriously consider downsizing the army and bringing in technological innovations
By Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal (Retd)

The Long and Short of It – April 2016
To meet future challenges, Army Air Defence has to be well equipped
By Brigadier MKK Iyer, SM

Face the Enemy – March 2016
The proxy war against Pakistan will not stop as long as India continues to counter insurgency operations in J&K
By Pravin Sawhney

Multiple Battlefronts – January 2016
The government should not neglect the needs of the Indian Army
By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)

Target Lock – January 2016
Attention is now being given to the Army’s Air Defence Needs
A FORCE Report

Recoil Effect – January 2016
The Indian Army faces challenges when it comes to acquisition of modern small arms systems for its infantry
A FORCE Report

Protect the Protector – November 2015
Government must wake up to the urgent need of ballistic body armour for the armed forces
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

Aerial Engagement – September 2015
Army’s Air Defence needs are seeing greater momentum
By Atul Chandra

Crossing the Rubicon – September 2015
The least the government can do to honour those who have served the nation is to implement the OROP
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

Arming the Army – August 2015
The armed forces urgently need to modernise the weaponry
By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)

Not a Small Matter – August 2015
The army needs to revamp its small arms
By Rahul Bedi

Marching into the future – January 2015
As yet another Army Day is celebrated, here’s an assessment of the Indian Army
By General V. P. Malik (retd)

And Happily Ever After – January 2015
A transparent promotion system and opportunities for re-employment after retirement are the need of the hour
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

From the Valley to Kargil – January 2015
The 8 Mountain Division fulfilled its role brilliantly during both CI operations and conventional warfare
By Lt. Gen. Mohinder Puri (retd)

Checks and Balances – June 2014
A regular review and appraisal of the nuclear doctrine would help to fine tune it as per strategic requirements
By Lt Gen. B.S. Nagal (retd)

Time for Action – May 2014
The new government can no longer ignore the issues faced by the defence forces
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

A Legacy of Good – April 2014
For real gains from Operation Sadbhavana, the Indian Army needs to rethink its approach
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Working Together and Equally – April 2014
The civil–military disconnect in independent India has to change
By Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal (retd)

Half Steps – April 2014
The inward-oriented mindset of the 16 corps has a lot to do with the Pakistanis not being deterred
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Gunning for the Right Calibre – February 2014
A reality check of state of artillery modernisation
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Foot Soldiers of the Future – February 2014
Complete modernisation of the infantry is still a pipe dream
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

Arms and the Men – February 2014
Modernisation of the defence forces is critical to maintain stability in the subcontinent
By Gen Dalip Bhardwaj (Retd)

At the Crossroad – January 2014
The threats have changed and the Indian Army needs to change too
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Back to Basics – November 2013
Morale of the soldiers must be raised and for that a few corrective steps are needed
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Delayed Action – November 2013
Ministry of defence misses the deadline for signing contract for M 777 155mm howitzers
By Atul Chandra

Men and Morale – November 2013
The army has to get back to doing what it was primarily meant to do – protect the nation
By Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal (retd)

Joint Capability – September 2013
A reliable and inter-service C4I2SR system is an imperative
By Prakash Katoch

UAVs Fly High – September 2013
The future combat may see integrated unmanned platform and satellite-based sensors
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

It’s Elementary – September 2013
A lot is not right with the army and the leadership needs to identify the actual basics to rectify the problems
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Light Weight Punch – September 2013
BAE Systems M 777 155mm howitzers enters the final stages of procurement
By Atul Chandra

Not A Good Solution – August 2013
The go-ahead for an army strike corps is not the solution to fight the Chinese
By Pravin Sawhney

Peace on the Line of Control – August 2013
India should accept the challenges along the LC till some concrete measures are firmed up
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

Forever on Defence – August 2013
Ceasefire on the LC is proving counter-productive to the Indian Army, making it complacent to outer attacks
By Pravin Sawhney

Time to Warm Up – August 2013
Is India’s Cold Start doctrine a myth or reality?
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Forces’ to Rescue – July 2013
The biggest ever operation launched to save the victims of Uttarakhand floods is an example of military-Paramilitary coordination
A FORCE Report

Chopper Trouble – June 2013
Delay in replacing Cheetah/Chetak fleet will endanger army troops, especially those serving at high altitudes
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Fast on Fire-Power – April 2013
A look into the future of artillery modernisation
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Down the Barrel – April 2013
Artillery modernisation needs to go hand in hand with ammunition manufacturing facilities
By Atul Chandra

Combat Ready – November 2012
Why the Indian Army needs attack helicopters in its inventory
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Almost Real – October 2012
Helicopter simulators are training solutions for the future
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Covering Fire – September 2012
Pace of acquisition and modernisation of tanks need to be hastened
By Atul Chandra

Ground Reality – September 2012
How serious is officer shortage in the Indian Army and how can it be addressed
By Lt Gen. Mukesh Sabharwal (retd)

Pressure on the Ground – August 2012
Arjun Mk-2 offers enhanced firepower, but it’s too heavy to go where the Army wants it
By Atul Chandra

New Predators – July 2012
Armed UAVs, their strength & limitations and the future of air warfare
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Silence of the Guns – June 2012
At the cost of war-preparedness, successive chiefs of army staff have sought personal glory
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Fire’s Been Put Out – June 2012
Indian artillery modernisation programme is woefully slow
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Growing Needs – June 2012
The highs and lows of Indian military helicopters
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Line of Defence – June 2012
India needs to focus on conventional fire power to face the challenge of a Chinese offensive
By Maj. Gen. P.K. Chakravorty (retd)

Obsolete Technology – May 2012
The dismal gun acquisition saga has now reached critical levels
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Maintenance Nightmare – May 2012
The helicopters of the Army Aviation Corps are far too obsolete
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Transformation – January 2012
Indian Army alone cannot meet the twin threats of Pakistan and China
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Power in Air – January 2012
A comparison of Indian, Chinese and Pakistan armies’ air assets
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Growth Trajectory – January 2012
Indian Army’s overdrive to increase its integral offensive firepower
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Boys to Men – January 2012
Making of a Gentleman Cadet
By Sanjay Kumar

Not a Myth – December 2011
Cold Start is a sensible and doable strategy for the J&K theatre
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Scaling New Heights – December 2011
Pak-China work on mutual exchange of counter-terrorism experience
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Enter the Arjun Mk3 – November 2011
There is a need to move from regressive to progressive mode
By Prasun K. Sengupta

All Weather Annihilator – November 2011
Boeing’s Apache is all set win the IAF’s attack helicopter contract
By Atul Chandra

Seek to Destroy – November 2011
Indigenous programmes for air defence surveillance radars offer credible options for IAF
By Atul Chandra

Sentinel of the Sea – November 2011
The P8I fleet will help plug major gaps in the Indian Navy’s surveillance issues
By Atul Chandra

Armoured Might – October 2011
A new twist to the T-90 saga
By Prasun K. Sengupta

Game Changers – October 2011
Attack and assault helicopters in combat operations in the Tactical Battle Area
By Bali Pawar

Tug of War – October 2011
Nimble manoeuvre and combatant support are the strongest features of Army Aviation Corps
By Sanjay Kumar

Rotor Models – September 2011
Armament using helicopters will be extremely relevant in future conflicts
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Dragon on the Doorstep – August 2011
Worrying inadequacies of artillery and infrastructure on the China Front
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Caught in the Mire – June 2011
Army Aviation is a force multiplier which can tilt the balance in any future conflict
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Matter of Intelligence – February 2011
Synergising India’s intelligence is essential to safeguard the national interests
By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]

Valour Above All – January 2011
Indian Army 2011
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Chinar Doctrine
Time has come for a working relationship between the army, academia and the media
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

‘Ak-47 Is Not My Weapon. It’s A Mere Tool To Be Used Occasionally. The Heart Is My Weapon’
General Officer Commanding, 15 Corps, Lt Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain AVSM, SM, VSM**

Stuck in the Stack
Indian Artillery marred by the S factor, stagnation and scandal
By Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Defence of India – August 2010
The spectre of two-and-three-half front war
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Maoists Menace – July 2010
Addressing the socio-economic grievances of the people should be the first step
By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]

Indian Army 2010 – January 2010
Despite being over-stretched and operating round the clock, the Indian Army remains on the fringes of the nation’s national security policy-making
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Knots and Crosses – January 2010
Without a CDS with full operational powers, net-centricity in the defence forces will continue to remain flawed
By Lt General P.C. Katoch [retd]

The Changed War -August 2009
All defence, no offence
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

The Indian Army – January 2009
Challenges of Irregular War
By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab

Roles and Mission -January 2009
The spectre of a ‘two and a half front’ war is real
By Pravin Sawhney

On the Roll -January 2008
Army’s roles and mission require a review
By Pravin Sawhney

Punching Hard -January 2008
Learning from Operation Parakram, the army sharpens its pro-active strategy.
By Pravin Sawhney

Full ThrottleJanuary 2007
Learning from the past, army has evolved a war-winning strategy
By Pravin Sawhney

Men with a Mission-January 2007
Despite its success in J&K, RR remains a temporary force
By Pravin Sawhney

No Good November 2006
Nag ATGM should be abandoned
By Pravin Sawhney

Show of Strength -June 2006
The army fine-tunes its new offensive doctrine
By Pravin Sawhney

Jawan Aur AwaamJuly 2005
Lt Gen. Nirbhay Sharma Master General Ordnance, and former GOC 15 Corps, on what transparency means in J&K
By Lt Gen. Nirbhay Sharma

Lean and MeanMarch 2005
New command boundaries against Pakistan give sharper teeth to the army
By Pravin Sawhney

Art of War
Regional army command should remain the operational level of war
By Pravin Sawhney