President, Kalashnikov Concern, Alan Lushnikov

The IRRPL is Ready to Fully Equip the Personnel of Any Indian Law Enforcement Agencies

Alan Lushnikov


Why was it decided to launch the enterprise for the licensed production of Russian small arms in India? Was it an easy project?

India is a strategic partner of the Russian Federation. It is a long-term and reliable partner of our country. So, it is quite natural when such an interesting and promising project as our joint venture is born from a long and good relationship. It cannot be said that its launch was simple. We had to solve a lot of problems together with our partners, but when both sides have the same goal, there can be no other result than a successful one.


Why do you think India chose AK-203?

AK-203 is a highly reliable weapon. Its characteristics fully meets the requirements of Indian ministry of defence. The model combines excellent ergonomics and high performance. I cannot disclose details, but many of our foreign customers have choosen machines of this series. Not to mention the fact that it is supplied to the Russian law enforcement agencies too.


The IRRPL capacity is 700,000 AK-203 rifles. Are there plans to increase the production or to produce any other type of Kalashnikov?

The terms of the contract stipulate 100 per cent localization of the production of AK-203 assault rifles in India. In case there is interest in India, not only from the ministry of defence, but also other ministries, the joint venture can increase the production of this model, as well as master the production of other types of small arms from the very rich assortment of the Kalashnikov Concern. At the same time, we will definitely help the joint venture to fully comply with the Make in India concept and the DAP-2020 rules.




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