In this Issue – September 2018

Letter from the Editor


Russia’s Great Outreach
Between words, pauses and meaningful silences

The Room with a View
Food and some thoughts on the future of India-Russia relations

Looking Back to Look Ahead
Russia is keen to continue its defence industrial cooperation with India

The Age of Ideas
Russia hard-sells light amphibious tank Sprut and MiG-35 at Army 2018

Promises to be Kept
Ka-226T programme is the biggest export projects of the Russian aviation industry

Lofty Goals
Era Technopolis is the Russian Army’s most ambitious R&D project coming up in a small resort town near the Black Sea

Local Flavours
BrahMos missile programme is going strong, with a large part of missile components sourced locally in India


Hawk Eyes in Space
With the launch of the state-of-the-art GF-11 to be followed by GF-7, China is all set to be the new leader in the satellite domain

Bulletproof Mobility
Many Indian companies are now producing the much-needed APCs and AFVs in India

Seek, Track and Destroy
Missiles makers can now choose from a host of desi and foreign missile seeker technologies available in the market

Connecting Regions and Hearts
The success of UDAN RCS I and II has given a boost to small operators to be a part of the growing passenger air traffic

Blip on the Radar
India’s coastline is being secured with a chain of 46 static radar sensors

Army 2018 Briefs
Rosoboronexport Signs Weapon Export Contract Worth Over 20.3 billion Rubles at Army 2018

Salute to the Saviours
The largest ever HADR flood rescue mission was launched in flood-hit Kerala

Kashmir on the Edge
In the absence of a political process, the ground situation becomes murkier

India-Pakistan Slug it Out in a Friendly Match
As the name suggests multilateral anti-terror military exercise Peace Mission 2018 brought the best out of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisations’ member countries

Civil Aviation News


Leap of Technology
In India, there is a pressing need to spend more on R&D, particularly in areas that are vital to national security

A History of Bitterness
How Governor Jagmohan’s inaccurate judgment led to the exodus of Pandits from Kashmir


Good News
Lt Gen. B.S. Pawar (retd)

Empower the Infantry
Lt Gen. Rameshwar Yadav (retd)

Long-term Planning
Abhinav Pandya

All That is Not a Crime
Dilip D’Souza

First Person
Ghazala Wahab



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