In this Issue – August 2018

Letter from the Editor


Much Ado About Nothing
Four years of rhetoric has rendered India even more insecure in its own backyard

The First Step
Innovative ideas and risk-taking necessary to build an Indian defence industrial complex


Impractical Idea
India is not yet ready for joint theatre commands

In the Land of the Bamboo Curtain
China shocks and awes by an enthralling display of prosperity and technology

Way Behind
India needs to catch up with the world in efficient turbofan production

Lethal Weapons
Cruise missiles BRAHMOS-II and BRAHMOS NG are set to be game changers

Future is Unmanned
Indian armed forces plan to induct 5,000 UAVs in next 10 years

Missile Mantra
With a slew of BVRAAMs in the pipeline, India may well dominate its airspace

Pin-Point Accuracy
A variety of loitering munitions are available for the armed forces to choose from

Engines of Growth
India seeks to develop its own fighter aircraft engine in a market dominated by global players

More Work Less Show
Farnborough International Airshow 2018

Farnborough Show Briefs

Civil Aviation News


In Less Than Five Years We Will be One of the Leading Artillery Houses of the World. And We Will be Extremely Competitive
Chairman, Kalyani Group, Baba Neelkanth Kalyani


A Cost Too High
Many lessons from the Kargil conflict of 1999 remain unlearned


Virtual Reality
Lt Gen. Satish Dua

Quietly Aggressive
Maj Gen Raj Mehta (retd)

Make it Brief
Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Being Tech-Savvy
Lt Gen Rameshwar Yadav (retd)

First Things First
Cmde Anil Jai Singh (retd)

Pravin Sawhney



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