Interview | Inspector General Nuclear Submarines, Vice Admiral Srikant

‘The final choice for P-75(I) AIP would emerge based on developmental timelines of indigenous AIP vis-à-vis timelines by which integration data can be provided to the platform designer’

Inspector General Nuclear Submarines, Vice Admiral SrikantWhat is the current status of the submarine fleet? How many are operational, under refit and under construction?

The navy maintains the required force level of submarines as per the Maritime Capability Perspective Plan, which factors our perceived threats. Our current force mix comprises 14 submarines — nine Sindhughosh class and four Shishumar class and INS Chakra. The six Kalvari Class submarines under Project 75 are under construction. Kalvari, the first one, will be commissioned soon and the rest would be inducted by 2020.

Additionally, six modern submarines under Project 75(I) programme would be inducted for which the RFI was issued in 2017 and the project would be executed under the Strategic Partnership Model of the government of India. As regards nuclear powered attack submarines (SSNs), the government of India had approved the construction of six SSNs in January 2015 and the same would be constructed as per planned schedules.

Submarines, like any equipment, have to undergo periodic maintenance during their life cycle, which the navy executes as per the overall maintenance and deployment philosophy.

INS Kalvari
INS Kalvari


What timelines and stages do you envisage for P-75(I)?

Project 75(I) has re-started with the promulgation of policy on Strategic Partnership (SP) model promulgated by government of India in May 17 as Chapter VII in DPP 16. The RFI for shortlisting foreign OEMs for the submarine segment was issued in July 2017. Issuance of RFP to shortlisted Strategic Partners is being targeted for mid-2018.


Is the navy considering fitting BRAHMOS cruise missile in P-75(I) submarines?

The P-75(I) submarines would be state-of-the-art and are envisaged to be equipped with Land Attack Cruise Missiles and Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles. The weapon package is still under deliberation and all options are being explored including feasibility of integrating indigenous weapons.

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