Interview | Director of India Strategic Development for General Atomics, Pratesh Gandhi

‘India offers exciting business possibilities for GA and its affiliated companies’

Pratesh GandhiTell us about your Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems

GA-EMS EMALS and AAG technologies offer significant benefits over traditional launch and recovery systems.  EMALS eliminates the limitations facing existing carrier launch systems by providing the flexibility and capability to launch a wider range of aircraft weights, including manned and unmanned aircraft.  Both EMALS and AAG will expand the launch envelope while reducing manning and lifecycle costs and maintenance requirements.

Interest in EMALS and AAG is growing as successful installation and deployment continues to progress on all US Navy Ford-class carriers. In addition to its range of launch capabilities, EMALS’ flexible system architecture makes it well suited for installation on different aircraft carrier platforms. The US and Indian governments continue discussions to bring these systems to the Indian fleet.


The Indian Navy has been looking for an EMALS system. Would you supply this technology to India if the US government agrees?



Tell us about your Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) in detail.

EMALS uses electromagnetic technology to launch aircraft from the deck of naval aircraft carriers. EMALS provides the flexibility to configure the system for installation on different carrier platforms and the capabilities to launch a wide variety of aircraft weights, helping expand the Indian Navy’s launch envelope to support mission success.

EMALS provides significant benefits over current launch systems, including:

  • Launch capabilities for a wide range of manned and unmanned aircraft weights
  • Decreased wear and tear on aircraft
  • Reduced manning and lifecycle cost
  • Reduced topside weight
  • Reduced installed volume


Please elaborate on your Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) system.

AAG is a turbo-electric system designed for controlled and reliable deceleration of aircraft during carrier recovery operations. AAG allows for the arrest of a broad range of aircraft, reducing manning and maintenance, and provides higher reliability and safety margins.

The AAG system offers significant benefits over current recovery systems, including:

  • Operational capability to recover projected air wing, with renewed service life margins
  • Higher availability
  • Self-diagnosis and maintenance alerts
  • Reduced manning and total ownership cost


What do you hope to sell to the Indian armed forces in the future?

Various GA products on offer to the Indian armed forces are under discussion.


Tell us about your business plans in India.

India offers exciting business possibilities for GA and its affiliated companies. Presently, GA is exploring a whole range of options in this regard, which hinge upon current projects under consideration.


Please update us about the potential sale of Avenger UAVs to the Indian armed forces.

Any potential sale questions of the GA-ASI Avenger should be referred to the Indian armed forces.


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