Interview | Chairman and Managing Director, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd, Commodore Rakesh Anand (retd)

“During the last one year we have started to look at exports in a focussed manner. We have created an exports promotion team in the shipyard, which did not exist earlier. We have sent mailers to all our defence attaches worldwide so that they can keep us abreast with export opportunities.”

Ltd, Commodore Rakesh Anand (retd)

What is the update on INS Kalvari?

We delivered the submarine on 21 September 2017 to the Indian Navy. This finishes the shipyard’s contractual obligations as far as the boat is concerned. In terms of trials, we have done exceedingly well. The boat has logged over 1,000 hours at sea. She has also completed torpedo and missile firings. This is the first time in Indian naval history that trials of all weapon systems have been completed prior to commissioning. We, at Mazagon Dock, are indeed very proud of this achievement.


Till when will the shipyard continue to play this role?

We have finished the shipyard’s liability with successful firing of weapon systems. There are certain D448 liabilities i.e. the remnant work for instance, some minor setting to work or fitment of some equipment which we will complete when the submarine is available in harbour. But these liabilities do not impact the role worthiness of the boat.


What kind of through-life support will you extend to boats like Kalvari?

The navy is fully equipped to carry out through-life support of warships and submarines with the concept of first, second and third line of maintenance at naval dockyards. Specific to the Kalvari class, the naval personnel have been trained with us and with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) abroad on operation and maintenance. And whenever there is a need, MDL will obviously extend all help possible.

What about midlife refits?

I will draw the example of HDW submarines here. We have done the midlife refit for all the four boats. One submarine is now coming up for life expansion. Since we built those submarines, the navy is confident about sending it back to us for upgrades. And we are equally confident of carrying out the quality refit on time.


The request for information (RFI) for Project-75 I has finally come out. Naval Group is one of the likely contenders. Given your partnership with the Naval Group, who will respond to the RFI?

The RFI was issued seeking information from the collaborators in the first instance. It is understood that potential shipyards including the Naval Group have responded to the RFI.

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