Money Over Matter | Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Battling the Forbidding Water Woes (June 2020)
Two 600 feet deep shafts, dug in 1981-82 by 113 Engineer Regiment, made Pokhran II possible in 1998

Cost Consciousness (December 2019)
Defence economics is important for any armed forces, and India can no longer ignore it

Modernisation Travails (October 2019)
Mired by systemic and policy issues, the IAF continues to struggle

One Block at a Time (September 2019)
Defence industrial corridors have a huge potential if implemented well

More the Merrier (August 2019)
Absence of competition has been the bane of the Indian defence industry

Better be Prepared (July 2019)
A risk mitigation plan for potential hitches can help in defence acquisitions

Technology is King (June 2019)
Self-sufficiency in defence production can be achieved by mastering cutting-edge technology

Stalemate Once Again (May 2019)
Strategic Partnership scheme has lost steam as government succumbs to public sector lobbying

The Rafale Riddle (January 2019)
The fighter contract represents making good of a bad situation

Illusionary Gains (November 2018)
Offsets are the Achilles Heel of defence procurements and should be done away with

The Challenge of Sinking Shafts (October 2018)
A first-hand account of 113 Engineer Regiment’s indomitable spirit, determination and ingenuity in digging two 600 feet deep shafts in 1981-82 which made Pokhran II possible in 1998

Make it Brief (August 2018)
It’s time to unshackle the defence acquisition regime

White Elephant (July 2018)
Offsets should be made redundant in ‘Buy and Make’ cases

Bring in Performance Matrix (June 2018)
New procurement procedure has muddled the policy further

Old Hopes Repackaged (May 2018)
Like its predecessor, draft DPrP-2018 offers nothing new

Rethink and Reorganise (April 2018)
Bhamre report is scathing in its attack on the MoD for the sorry state of affairs in defence procurement

In Bureaucratic Maze (January 2018)
Independent Monitors don’t have the powers to deal with violations in arms procurement deals

Toothless Watchdogs (October 2017)
Independent Monitors don’t have the powers to deal with violations in arms procurement deals

Road to Nowhere (September 2017)
Tardy progress by BRO is a cause for concern especially on Indo-China Border Roads

Indian Trojan Horse (August 2017)
The biggest obstacle in ‘Make in India’ programme is the MoD’s Department of Defence Production

In Defence of Economics (July 2017)
Financial prudence in defence spending is essential

Dynamic Move (June 2017)
Strategic partnership in defence production has the potential to spawn an indigenous defence industry

Coming of Age (March 2017)
DRDO takes baby steps towards adulthood and higher challenges

Shroud of Secrecy (February 2017)
It’s an open secret that defence procurements have become opportunities for corrupt gains



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