Marketing and Communication director, EURENCO, Loïc Audonnet

EURENCO is the Qualified Supplier of IM Explosives and Fillings for the Dassault Rafale’s Range of Bombs and Missiles

What key technologies and systems would you be showcasing at DefExpo 2018?

We will be showcasing the following systems and technologies are DefExpo 2018:


  • Modular charges for 155mm artillery systems for the Indian BMCS project;
  • Propellants for small calibre ammunition (7.62mm, 5.6mm) related to the acquisition of new rifles and ammunition by the Indian armed forces. Our brand PB Clermont is an historical supplier of spherical powders for the Indian Army’s small calibre ammunition; and
  • Explosives and ammunition filling services for Insensitive Munitions (bombs, missile warheads, torpedoes, artillery shells, etc.) that may be of great interest for the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force in the near future. EURENCO is the qualified supplier of IM explosives and fillings for the Dassault Rafale’s range of bombs and missiles. IM technologies prevent catastrophic consequences when munitions are exposed to threats (shocks, fires, fragment impacts, etc.) and save logistic costs.

What are your expectations from the show?

We expect to meet all our Indian partners and customers (ammunition manufacturers) including the public (OFB, DRDO) and private sector. We are looking forward to promoting our range of products (IM explosives, propellants, combustibles items including modular charges) and services (IM ammunition filling and transfers of technologies).

We would also like to update our knowledge about the ‘Make in India’ policy in the ammunition sector and contribute to strategic independence of India through strategic partnerships with both the public and private companies for key technologies in energetic materials.


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