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We Would Like To Show Our Intention to Collaborate in the Development of the Indian Defence Sector

External Communication, Nexter Systems, Laetitia BlandinWhat key technologies and systems would you be showcasing at DefExpo 2018?

Nexter is one of the six or seven systems of systems integrator recognised in world. Nexter designs and integrates armoured vehicle, such as MBTs, APCs and IFVs which are all ‘Combat Proven’’. It is one of the world’s leading artillery system manufacturers and its expertise is internationally recognised. The artillery systems developed by Nexter are in service in five armed forces. Over 270 CAESAR® have been produced, they have fired over 80,000 shells and travelled over a million kilometres. It is presented in model form in both its 6×6 and 8×8 versions. The equipment developed by Nexter are used in difficult operational theatres.

During DefExpo 2018, Nexter Systems will show its new 40mm gun with its respective 40mm telescoped ammunition as well as its robots and various types of ammunitions. Models of armoured vehicles artillery systems will be presented to show the new technology which has been developed.

What aspect of your business is your primary focus at this show, and why?

Our priority is to build our technological know-how and to show that Nexter offers a full range of medium calibre weaponry and related ammunition, artillery system with ammunition as well as the family of armoured vehicle ranging from APC to IFV. We would like to show our intention to collaborate in the development of the Indian defence sector by complying with the Make in India policy. We want to show the Indian industry our willingness to explore with them the terms of partnership to meet the identified need of the Indian MoD.


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