EVP marketing and business development, Rafael, Giora Katz

We are Exhibiting TROPHY, the World’s Only Active Protection System for Armoured Vehicles, Combat-Proven with the Israeli Armoured Corps MBTs

EVP marketing and business development, Rafael, Giora KatzWhat key technologies and systems would you be showcasing at DefExpo 2018?

DEFEXPO is another excellent opportunity for Rafael to exhibit its advanced technologies that can afford the Indian Military significant advantages in all types of combat.

At the show we will be showcasing our well-known SPIKE Family of electro-optical missiles, which can reach ranges of between 500m-30 km, and fired from a variety of platforms, including ground, vehicles, helicopters and ships. SPIKE has been sold to 29 countries around the world, and over 29,000 missiles have been supplied.

Rafael is a leader in air defense active protection systems, and thus we will showcase the Iron Dome air defense system and the SPYDER system (which has been supplied to India). On top, we are exhibiting the C-Dome naval air defense system, already operational with the Israeli Navy. In the area of armoured active protection, we are exhibiting TROPHY, the world’s only active protection system for armoured vehicles, combat-proven with the Israeli armoured corps MBT and the US Army’s declared choice for a division of its m1a1 MBT.

We are also proud to exhibit the Drone Dome anti-drone laser interception system, the BNET SDR communication system for ground and air applications, the SAMSON RWS, soft and hard-kill torpedo decoy systems, and more.

What aspect of your business is your primary focus at this show, and why?

The suite of system we offer is a force multiplier for a variety of operational needs, starting from protection of our assets and personnel, to communication and surveillance, air defense and defense of naval assets, and precise, unparalleled attack capabilities with our SPIKE system. Our capabilities are combat-proven game-changers with numerous militaries around the world, including the US, European, South American and Asian users. We provide more than just a system of a kind. We provide a full capability that makes forces more maneuverable and more lethal, so that they can complete their missions effectively and efficiently.


What are your expectations from the show?

We look forward to meeting with our Indian partners and users to discuss future deals and cooperation, with emphasis on local production, in line with the ‘Make in India’ policy. We are always happy to come to India and we are grateful for yet another opportunity to showcase our knowhow here.


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