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To meet the Indian Navy’s demand, a host of radars are being developed

Jaison Deepak

Land-based radars provide critical early warning and detection, Ground Controlled Interception (GCI) co-ordinates, direct anti-missile and anti-aircraft missiles and gunfire. Radars can be classified into different varieties depending on their power output, operating frequency range, scanning principle and the tracking detail offered. India has been successful in importing and developing advanced radars to meet its air defence needs and create difficult-to-penetrate Air Defence Identification Zones (ADIZ).

Rohini Radar

The most significant change in the radar domain would be the induction of the EL/M-2084 Medium Power Radar (MPR) from IAI Israel replacing the older TRS-2215 and PSM-33 radars. It is a mobile S band AESA 3D radar providing range, azimuth and elevation parameters of targets up to 300Km, providing the Indian Air Force (IAF) very high reach into adversary airspace, thereby providing critical early warning. These radars will be more difficult to detect, jam or target with anti-radiation missiles. The MPR can also be integrated with the MRSAM launchers.

Thales Ground Smarter GS-100 radars have been developed for the IAF. Thales and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) signed a deal for 19 GS-100 AESA-based low level transportable radar with six directly delivered by Thales and the rest manufactured by BEL under transfer of technology. The significance of the radar is that it has Gallium Nitride based T/R modules while most radars on the market use Gallium Arsenide-based technology. Gallium Nitride based T/R modules are smaller, lighter and consume less power compared to the alternatives.

ELM-2106 is a 3D L band AESA tactical control radar, which was a part of the SPYDER QRSAM package, was acquired by the IAF. It has the capability to detect fast jets at more than 100Km, helicopters and UAVs between 40-60 km. The radar provides targeting data for both the Derby and Python interceptors.

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