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Nexter and IGG Sign a Teaming Agreement for the Modernisation of the Leclerc MBT

Nexter has signed a teaming agreement with International Golden Group, the leading supplier of the UAE Armed forces, to prepare the modernisation of the UAE Army’s Leclerc main battle tank (MBT).

International Golden Group (IGG) and Nexter have established a long-term relationship since 2006 via a ‘Cooperation Agreement’. This teaming agreement is a new step towards a reinforcement of the links between our both companies. Nexter has been a historical partner of the UAE armed forces since the acquisition of 436 Leclerc MBT. To support the Leclerc fleet, Nexter established a long-term relation with the UAE; actively working on the localisation of industrial activities. The aim of this partnership is the modernization of the Leclerc MBT that will ensure the operational superiority of the UAE armed forces for the next 30 years.


Nexter Exhibits its Range of Products at IDEX 2023

Nexter exhibited its Titus and Jaguar armoured vehicles on the stand of Resource Industries, an emerging key player in the UAE defence ecosystem for the first time. The two companies are currently exploring industrial partnership opportunities to develop ‘made in UAE’ solutions for the UAE armed forces.

The JAGUAR combines the latest generation of optronic capabilities with multiple and scalable firepower, using the latest 40mm telescoped ammunition and anti-tank missiles perfectly suited for high-intensity combat.

The TITUS multirole armoured vehicle is available in multiple variants with a high level of protection and mobility. It is the subject of discussions between Nexter and the UAE military ecosystem.

As a strategic partner of the United Arab Emirates for 30 years, Nexter has been working towards strong integration with the country, particularly regarding the modernisation of the Leclerc tanks of the UAE armed forces. Moreover, Nexter is open to new cooperation projects to develop new activities locally. In close partnership with the UAE’s private and public defence ecosystem, Nexter is strengthening and developing industrial cooperation for systems, munitions and services. To this end, Nexter is pursuing the development of a wholly-owned subsidiary—Nexter Emarat Ltd—which will allow the localisation of engineering and new product development activities.

In addition to Titus and Jaguar, Nexter exhibited a wide range of products, including armoured vehicles, large and medium calibre artillery systems, ammunition, support services, robots and optronic equipment. Amongst others, the following were presented in real size:

  • The UAE version of the Leclerc tank. Nexter is exchanging views with the United Arab Emirates to continue supporting the Leclerc for the next decades. It was displayed with a new HE multimode ammunition.
  • The VBCI MkI, the version in service with the French army and proven in combat on various battlefields. This infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with a 25mm gun, has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in terms of mobility, protection and firepower.
  • The Caesar, the reference in 155mm combat proven artillery, associated with its ammunition produced by Nexter Arrowtech.
  • The RAPIDFire, made by Nexter and Thales, is displayed in naval and land versions. The first example of this new turret will enter service this year on a French Navy ship.


Milrem Robotics Exhibits Cutting-Edge Intelligent And Integrated Robotic Systems at IDEX 2023

The leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics exhibited several cutting-edge intelligent and integrated robotic systems at IDEX 2023.

The robotic systems on display are intended for a wide range of missions, including tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and sophisticated combat operations.

Milrem Robotics’ unmanned systems are complemented with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit MIFIK which provides autonomous capabilities and a command-and-control system intended specifically for robotic systems that integrates multiple dissimilar unmanned aerial and ground assets. Milrem Robotics’ solutions aim to facilitate manned-unmanned teaming, the synchronized deployment of soldiers, manned and unmanned air and ground vehicles, robotics, and sensors to achieve enhanced situational awareness, increased lethality, and improved survivability.

“In ten years Milrem Robotics has evolved from a vehicle developer into a system integrator in the robotics domain. We provide full system solutions including different ground and aerial systems with integrated command and control. Over the next years we will increase our product portfolio in terms of new autonomous ground systems and work on manned-unmanned teaming solutions,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of MIlrem Robotics.

The Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is an organic part of mechanized units that can take the most dangerous positions and provide equal or overmatching firepower and tactical usage compared to traditional Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Thanks to Vegvisir’s Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System Type-X operators have a 360-degree virtual dome with EO/IR sensor fusion for both close and medium proximity vision and target engagement capabilities in any condition.

In addition to a 30mm autocannon, the Type-X is equipped with Halcon’s Hunter 2S loitering munitions launchers. The two other displayed robotic systems are based on the multi-mission THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that is already delivered to 16 countries, including 8 NATO members and that has proven itself during a 12-month deployment in Mali during Operation Barkhane.

The THeMIS Combat UGV provides high-precision direct-fire support for manoeuvre units. With the self-stabilizing, dual-gun SCORPION Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) by Saudi Advanced Technologies (Wahaj), advanced sensors and fire control system, the THeMIS Combat allows units to assess and engage the enemy at maximum standoff distances, increasing force protection and survivability. Additional security is provided with the Spexer 2000 radar, which can detect small and slow as well as fast manoeuvring targets on the move and operate in a high-clutter environment.

The THeMIS Observe is built for tactical reconnaissance missions. The system includes a variety of sensors for day and night operations, acoustic gunshot detector, smoke screen protection and a ground surveillance radar. Extra security is provided by the deFNder® Light RWS by FN Herstal. The combination of those systems allows units to do multi sensor identification on one platform and react faster on emerging targets.


Safran and International Golden Group Form Joint Venture in Optronics and Navigation

UAE-based International Golden Group and Safran Electronics & Defense announced the creation of the ‘Vision for Optronics & Navigation’ joint venture in the defence and high-tech sector, with a focus on optronics and navigation. International Golden Group and Safran Electronics & Defense set up a centre of excellence in optronics and navigation to support Tawazun offset strategy.

Located in IGG Advanced Industries in the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi, this centre of excellence, with significant growth potential, will initially have more than 800 square meters of floorspace, including cleanroom space. Vision for Optronics & Navigation will employ several dozen people, fully supporting the UAE government’s policy to localize highly skilled jobs. Through this new joint venture, the two partners will meet the needs of the United Arab Emirates MOD and the needs of others regional organizations. The United Arab Emirates will benefit from the know-how and advanced technology of Safran Electronics & Defense, in line with Abu Dhabi’s economic vision for the 2030s. This initiative by International Golden Group and Safran Electronics & Defense further enhances the strategic partnership between the United Arab Emirates and France.


RAFAEL Inaugurates its UAE Facility at IDEX 2023

RAFAEL’s president & CEO Maj. Gen. Yoav Har-Even (retd) inaugurated its new office in Abu Dhabi in a ceremony with Emirati and Israeli officials, ushering in the historic occasion. Har-Even was joined by Amir Hayek, Israel’s Ambassador to the UAE, as well as UAE government and industry representatives.

RAFAEL’s new office will enable the company to explore opportunities in the region, utilising its culture of collaboration, excellence and innovation to create relationships with governments, customers and defense industry leaders. The Abu Dhabi office joins the ranks of RAFAEL’s global network of operations.

“We are encouraged by yet another concrete step in strengthening RAFAEL’s ties with the UAE. We can now say that we have built the bridge to the United Arab Emirates by this inaugural investment and are excited to continue to expand the relationships that have been cultivated thus far,” said Maj. Gen. Yoav Har-Even (retd).

RAFAEL exhibited an array of defence solutions and innovative technologies, some for the first time at the UAE at IDEX 2023. These included the IRON BEAM high energy laser weapon system (HELWS). The IRON BEAM HELWS is designed to augment the capabilities of air defence systems like the IRON DOME.

Beyond the array of advanced air defence solutions like the DRONE DOME and the SPYDER, RAFAEL has expanded its portfolio and upgraded systems to meet emerging threats. The SPYDER air defense system has been upgraded to allow for the counter ballistic missile capability through an extended range of the Derby LR missile.



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